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We know one of the keys to keeping students, faculty, staff and visitors on campus safe and informed is to have a plan in case of emergency. Many of Regroup’s K-12 and university clients partnered with us so they would have a fast and easy way to respond to an emergency, whether that was a hurricane, a wildfire or the threat of an active shooter.

What we have learned over the past 13 years is that when schools prepare for responding to one emergency, they find they also have the power to respond to unexpected situations — from life-threatening emergencies to something more benign — that may happen at any time.

Powerful during emergencies, useful every day

It’s an increasingly unpredictable world, so our system is designed to handle it all. The same easy-to-use, powerful and flexible technology that can remind students about a test can also announce a lockdown drill or alert the entire campus in case of a tornado or wildfire event.

Regroup’s integration with Canvas seamlessly connects your Canvas account, including its familiar and easy-to-use dashboard, with Regroup’s federally-recognized emergency mass notification system. Teachers can text students with regular class updates and announcements, while administrators also have the ability to alert the entire school community of an emergency within seconds.

Regroup Smart Phone App in Use to Post Notifications in Emergencies

Powerful features like Regroup’s two-way communication capability mean that recipients can report about their whereabouts and if they are safe if the conditions allow. Schools can even configure automated alerts from the National Weather Service and NOAA, which will trigger school-wide alerts for sudden severe weather like an approaching tornado without requiring anyone to manually send the message. With no limits on the number of admins in the system, school officials, teachers and safety officers can all be added to the system and assigned the right permissions to send out alerts as needed.

Messaging via text, voice and SMS with pre-programmed message templates and unlimited admins is all powered by Regroup, with an easy-to-use plugin available on the Canvas dashboard for day-to-day texting. In an emergency, teachers and other admins have access to the full emergency notification platform and can send messages with only two taps in the mobile app or web platform.

Regroup Canvas LMS Dashboard Screenshot


Successfully Prepared for the Unexpected

Just three examples of how schools recently found an unexpected, easy way to use Regroup:

  • A state college in Florida, an area prone to hurricanes, chose Regroup for weather-related and day-to-day communication. Upon hearing a man might possibly be armed and headed for campus, the Chief of Police for the school was able to notify everyone and lockdown the campus within moments. No one was hurt and the suspect was arrested.
  • A community college in South Carolina started working with Regroup as a response to the Virginia Tech massacre. But it found a powerful use of Regroup when an extraordinary Category 2 tornado system bore down directly on campus. It was able to alert 22,000 students faculty and staff about the destructive storm within seconds.
  • A Canadian art school switched to Regroup for its customer service. That service quickly came into play when an ice storm made the campus and the commute to campus too dangerous. Admins were able to shut down the campus to all commuters before daybreak — keeping them safe where they were, and not on the roads.

From day-to-day communications such as announcing a late start day or the availability grade or attendance reports to empowering schools with the critical tools to lockdown a school if there is a nearby threat, mass notifications can distribute those messages within seconds.

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Erika Deakin is the Content Marketing Manager, Regroup Mass Notification