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As teachers and tech find their stride one step at a time, the ongoing debate of Teachers vs Technology has indefinite credence. It’s been a controversial relationship with questionable resolve.

Are they rivals? Can one replace the other? Or will they coexist?

Join our ongoing discussion with a Canvas Partner Day Webinar on October 17, where we will showcase how Teachers are Embracing Technology & Impacting the Learning Journey.

Today, the position of educational leadership through technology is continuing to trend upwards with a leading-edge stream. Our educators are being asked to facilitate much more than knowledge, the vehicle of information providing a learning curve itself. Books being replaced by tablets, the chalkboard became a screen, and homework no longer adorns handwritten smiley faces and stickers. Documents, literally flying thru cyberspace with LMS platforms winning the popularity contest of digital forum, hands-down. 

All of this validates a simple fact. The modern grasp of education is experiencing great change, one swipe or flip at a time.  

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History has proven that technology always manages to reinvent itself, demanding attention when it enters a new space. Inside Higher Ed begs a similar scope on this complex issue—“Why Digital Technology is to Higher Ed what Electricity was to Manufacturing.

Peers in the education space are buzzing about why a shift in perception is on the rise, and necessary ("Why we need to change the teacher vs. tech narrative").  Without doubt this union is surging forward. As a collective in the education space, we celebrate the number of ways teachers plus tech can benefit the masses. 

We are hearing directly from faculty leading the way using Collaaj Video Capture to streamline the teachers ongoing job of adopting and adapting to new edtech tools. Now, they are using an existing tool, meant for Lectures and Course, that is also being delivered to faculty and students with short “How To” training videos on subjects like how to access Canvas LMS. This clever approach is proving to streamline internal processes for an improved student/teacher experience.

We commend schools and businesses that re-invent themselves by investing in a strategic choice to build a thriving digital campus using platforms like Canvas LMS while integrating Video Capture as an essential learning tool. 

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Collaaj is the evergreen creator of the Lecture-Capture space, with a stronghold on Video Culture. We actively encourage the integration of Video Capture, which is assisting and creating an enriched learning experience for both educators and students, alike. Schools all over the United States and abroad are receiving star-studded progress as they embrace change. 

Join our Canvas Partner Day webinar: Teachers Embracing Technology & Impacting the Learning Journey on October 17, 2017 at 1:15pm PST as we dig deeper into the cool tools schools are using to impact the learning journey while streaming technology that teachers are embracing. 

Also visit us at CanvasCon WPI Friday, October 20th and pick up a free gift and enter to win a FREE GoPro

We look forward to meeting you there!

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