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So what's up with the comparison matrix?

Thanks to commercial pioneers like Blackboard, the Learning Management System is ubiquitous in post-secondary education and no one questions the need for some type of learning management system. When it comes to Learning Management Systems, no one asks "Why?" but we do hear a lot of people asking "What?" as in "What's the difference?" The LMS has been around for over ten years now, aren't they all the same?

The zenith of automotive innovation.The zenith of automotive innovation.

Well, yes, at some fundamental level, all the learning management systems are the same. Just like all cars are the same, and all search engines are the same. Of course, we know the difference between a Ford Pinto and a Ferrari and there's a reason that most people use Google instead of Lycos or Excite for search.

So to make things clear, and simple, we thought we'd publish a comparison matrix that highlights the important differences between Canvas and the other guys. It's not a feature list - it's a list of strategic considerations that educational institutions need to consider as they think about the next steps in education technology.

We hope you find this matrix useful.

Keep learning,