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What a difference a year makes.

Clemson University is one of the Southeast’s most well-known research institutions and South Carolina’s second largest university in student population. Clemson continually strives for excellence, and its success —academic and athletic—regularly garners national accolades. 

Students and faculty at Clemson had used another learning management system (LMS), but asked the university to look for a new system. Clemson went through a two-year pilot of a cloud-based LMS, Canvas by Instructure, and the majority of feedback was positive:

“Canvas is the answer I believe a lot of us have been looking for over the years. It’s going to make things a lot more pleasant for us as faculty, but also hopefully for students.” —Dale Layfield, Associate Professor

“It seems very straightforward and there are not a lot of excess things all over the page. It’s just very easy to understand what you are looking at.” —Andrea Granbury, Student

"Honestly, it’s changed the way I think about what an LMS can be.” —April Pelt, Digital Learning Strategist

“Canvas is awesome because of its flexibility, customizability, and ability to cater it to your learning environment.” —Alex Byrd, Assistant Professor

A committee then “selected Canvas in consideration of Clemson's academic and technical infrastructure as well as under the guidance of state criteria.” The transition took place in 2017, and now a year later, students and teachers have a system that’s more reliable, integrates well with education apps, offers stellar support, and features a community of Canvas users.

The contract with Clemson also reflects the increased adoption of the Canvas by institutions throughout the Southeast. To see why Canvas is unique from other digital tools and what it can do for your university or college, click here. It can make a difference...even in just one year.