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Have you ever looked at an old piece of clothing and thought, “Wow! That’s really dated!”? Or do you have an old car that once served its purpose, but has been repaired piecemeal and you can’t even recognize the original anymore? What if I told you we had the same feelings when looking at our publicly available Canvas Student Quick Guide? It was old, outdated, and seven years worth of updates had made it clunky.

Our first Student Quick Guide was created to help students as we migrated from our old LMS to Canvas. Over time, updates were made, items added, and changes executed, but old content was rarely removed. This gave us that piecemeal car feeling. The original served a great purpose, but it was time for an update. If nothing else, the mission of the guide had changed from being an implementation tool to functioning as a valuable day-to-day resource.

Quick landing guide

Original Quick Guide landing page on the left, new landing page on the right.


We know from Google Analytics that our Quick Guide is the most accessed page every month. In fact, we have had 126,000 hits on our guide in the past year! This data could not be overlooked, and backed our decision for change. Now we just needed to execute that change.

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Want to know more about our process? How we used both Canvas and third party tools to create what we consider to be a more engaging guide for our students? Are you curious about our approach to accessibility when redoing the guide? Then join us November 30 at CanvasCon Texas, during our session titled “Accessible. Modern. Relevant.”

We cannot wait to connect (or reconnect) with you in Austin. Nobody does a conference like Canvas, and everything is bigger in Texas. What could possibly be better?


Cheers, y’all!

Kori Schneider
Enterprise Instructional Technology Specialist, Alamo Colleges District

Kenneth Rogers
Enterprise Instructional Technology Specialist, Alamo Colleges District