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Our Canvas Community is full of amazing students, educators, and administrators who support each other in times of triumph and hardship. With the Coronavirus affecting institutions around the globe, the Community has stepped up to share resources on how schools can convert on-ground courses to online courses effectively and efficiently.

The sharing and support extended to Twitter this week, with a #CanvasChat focused on maintaining the connection of the classroom. We kicked things off by asking the group what questions they had about teaching classes virtually or online and what challenges they might encounter.


After identifying questions and challenges, we asked the group about ideas they had to maintain a visible teacher presence in an online course.


Face-to-face conversations are one of the most impactful aspects of being in the classroom. How can this be replicated online? There are many tools that can help.


To wrap things up, we wanted to know what tools and resources participants used to help execute classes virtually or online. Again, there were so many great responses and sharing of resources.


As schools and universities close or otherwise prepare for Coronavirus (COVID-19), Canvas is committed to ensuring our entire community can continue to teach, learn, and succeed from anywhere. We’ve published a webpage with tools for online learning and will continue to provide updates.

Our friend Joanna said it best:


Keep Learning,