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At Canvas, we know that sometimes it's difficult to change. But with that change comes an opportunity to make teaching and learning better and easier. One example of this comes from the Deer Valley Unified School District. The district, located on the north side of Phoenix, Arizona, needed to upgrade its learning management system (LMS) to embrace technology improvements to benefit and engage students.

Deer Valley switched from Blackboard to Canvas prior to the 2015-2016 school year. The selection committee said it chose Canvas because of its simple user interface, integrated third-party apps, continuous product improvement upgrades, and cloud storage.

Kristy Hirschberg, the new Manager of Instructional Technology & Innovative Programs for Deer Valley, said that handing over technical support to Instructure was instrumental in making the transition successful: "We work with many vendors and Canvas provides the best support hands down."

The Results

Besides the responsibility of leading a district with dozens of schools, and investing in a 1:1 initiative, Deer Valley's Online Learning Program provides 1,500 students a year with a flexible learning option that meets their unique needs. The program uses several learning tools showcased in Canvas to increase engagement.

Administrators said more online students are passing their classes at higher rates over previous years (see chart below). Students and teachers report faster two-way communication due to Canvas' mobile app and notification settings.

Data from Deer Valley Unified School District

The results encouraged the district; Canvas served as an integral part in their students' increasing pass rates.

To find out what's next for the Deer Valley Unified School District, and the specific ways leaders want to engage with their community through Canvas, check out this Canvas case study.

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Hilary Scharton
VP of K-12 Product Strategy, Instructure