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On October 14, 2012, Felix Baumgartner was lifted into the stratosphere by a 55-story balloon filled with 30 million cubic feet of helium. At 128,000 feet, Baumgartner jumped to Earth from the edge of his space capsule. Reaching speeds over 843 miles per hour—and transcending the speed of sound—his free fall lasted more than four minutes. To put this stratospheric stunt into perspective, skydivers typically jump from approximately 13,000 feet and free fall at 120 mph for about 60 seconds before deploying their parachutes. Baumgartner’s mission took skydiving to the next level (and beyond), breaking numerous world records and providing valuable data for aerospace advancements.

space jumpCowabunga.

Speaking of the next level, we recently added a new gradebook feature in Canvas that takes grading options to the extreme. With the Learning Mastery Gradebook, teachers can now use mastery-based assessments (or formative learning), in addition to traditional grading methods. This new option gives teachers a real-time dashboard to monitor students’ progress in mastering specific learning objectives. So while we didn’t fall from the edge of space at record-breaking speeds like that daredevil Baumgartner, this really is education’s version of the next frontier.

Here are some images from “Canvas space” of the new Learning Mastery Gradebook.

SuperBowl TrafficTeachers can monitor students’ learning and progress based on standards rather than grades. Teachers
can then provide a prescriptive solution based on individual student’s needs.

SuperBowl TrafficStatistics for the entire course or a course section can be viewed according to course average, course
median, or course mode.

SuperBowl TrafficHovering over the outcome title displays a breakdown of the outcome and the circle graph shows how the
scores were divided into the outcomes criterion ratings.

SuperBowl TrafficCourse statistics can also display color-coded level results based on the different outcome results.

Like the team who spent years planning Baumgartner’s jump, our goal in developing the Learning Mastery Gradebook was twofold: give teachers an awesome grading experience and provide valuable data to help create a classroom atmosphere (yes, another space reference) where students can successfully learn and master concepts.

Keep learning,