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We’re making a big announcement this week at SXSW about Canvas’ new relationship with PowerSchool. No, they’re not getting married. Or engaged. Or even thinking about going steady. (Because education technology doesn’t do that.) They’ve just formed “a more perfect LMS-SIS union,” which makes for a more perfectly streamlined process for teachers and SIS administrators.

Canvas and Powerschool

If you’re a current Canvas user, you already have the ability to provision courses, teachers, and students from PowerSchool to Canvas. But now, with our new integration, you can use PowerSchool’s API to instantly transfer grades from Canvas to PowerSchool.

Here’s how it works:

  • Simply check a box in the Canvas gradebook allowing grades to post to the PowerTeacher gradebook and the PowerSchool parent portal.

  • Choose which grades to post, including assignments, discussions, or quizzes.

  • Then sit back and enjoy all the time you don’t have to spend cutting and pasting grades from one system to another.

In addition to providing an easier, more efficient user experience, this “two-way” integration gives our users a glimpse of Instructure’s growing investment in interoperability and integration between Canvas and student information systems. As the most widely used SIS, PowerSchool was just a first step. Watch for additional integrations and expanded capabilities throughout the year.

Instructure has long offered a set of open APIs with which our users and other application developers have been able to create sophisticated integrations, including a broad set of administrative, teaching, and learning tools. And you probably know about our EduAppCenter where more than 180 applications are now available for simple integration into your Canvas learning environment. So, while we maintain a serious commitment to ensuring that Canvas works elegantly with as many platforms, applications, and services as possible, we certainly don’t want to marry them. (Because SaaS companies don’t do that.)

Keep Learning,
Mitch Benson
VP, K-12