Woah, big news here! Social learning is now in Canvas with Notebowl. And you’re probably wondering how you can go about taking advantage of these social features and what’s included in the integration.

Well, you have your lucky day, because today we’re detailing the ins and outs of the integration and what social learning means for your classrooms!

Discussion boards

snapshot of Canvas discussion board

Take your assigned discussions to the next level with Notebowl’s social media-like discussion boards. It’s super easy to have students interact with each other, submit their assigned discussion, provide additional insight, comment and like posts. Even attach a photo, video or file. We make it simple to engage the classroom for assigned discussions in a friendly, fun, and academic way.

Driving organic engagement

This familiar environment gives users the ability to communicate like never before online. Extend class questions to the online class news feed, have students post questions to each other, formulate groups after class, or even develop friendships. By using Notebowl inside of Canvas, you are bringing a community to life online. Instead of plain old emailing individually between students and faculty, students can do the equivalent of raising their hand in a classroom but now post a question to their class. It just got a whole lot easier to get feedback and engage the classroom. No more redundant questions over email or flooded inboxes. Notebowl’s social learning platform eliminates emails and provides a more connected classroom.

Analyze and easy grade

analyze and easy grade

Set minimums for comments, posts and word counts. Require or recommend!

Wait, so you’re telling me you have easy grading for discussion boards and you can automatically set metrics? You heard right! Easy grade through your discussions and automatically set metrics for students to hit. Minimum # of posts, minimum # of comments, word count minimums for each. That’s gonna save you a ton of time and make grading discussions a breeze!

And did we say that you could preview all posts and comments directly related to interactions on the discussion board for each student? Yes that’s right! We even take it to a level beyond awesome to make it incredibly amazing to grade discussions. See for yourself below:

see for yourself

Sync in Real-time

Need those grades to sync in real-time with Canvas? You’ve got it with Notebowl’s real-time sync utilizing LTI. Assignments, content and grades sync in real-time right within the platform making it easy to grade and see the results directly inside of the Canvas Gradebook.

See the results!

see the results

When you’re done with all of this, you’ll be showing off all the interaction and engagement you’re getting from your students. You’ll see more smiles and happy faces and things will just be pretty awesome! Go and try it yourself and make your classroom come alive!

Watch it in action

Keep Learning,

Andrew Chaifetz
Founder and CEO, Notebowl