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In 1826, John Walker, an English chemist, had just finished stirring a pot of chemicals when he noticed a glob of the dried mixture at the end of the stick. When Walker tried to scrape the chemicals off they immediately ignited into flames. And with that, the strikeable match was born. We like to think of Canvas Network as the spark that gave life to Canvas Catalog, an entirely new product we’re releasing this month.


Canvas Catalog is a white label course catalog, course registration system, payment gateway, and learning platform. So, what does this actually mean? It means that any organization using Canvas now has the ability to build a marketplace or storefront for their courses. This gives learners the ability to register, enroll, pay (if that’s your thing), and start taking courses without all the typical hassle.

Canvas has also included many convenient administrative features, like creating and distributing certificates when learners achieve certain requirements and issuing discount and promotional codes for custom course pricing. Catalog can even be used for initiatives like continuing education and professional development.

We have found time and again that there are millions of brilliant people out there who have wisdom, knowledge, and insights to share and Catalog is a platform that will allow their voices to be heard. So when brilliance strikes (even by accident) we go with it, just like Walker and his match.

Keep Learning,
Matt Goodwin