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Earlier this year we set out to find four fantastic edtech startups to participate in our new Partner Booster Program.  The goal was to find a few do-gooders with the potential to change education in a big way.  We were blown away by the number of applications that we received and it was no easy task selecting just four.  After thorough review and a lot of discussion, we selected our inaugural class of Instructure Booster Partners.  So, without further ado, it is our pleasure to introduce our Booster Partners. 


Making every pen SMART.

We all wonder what happens in our students’ heads when they think.  “As a teacher,  I watched my students’ pens move, stop, and move again, indicating when the student was flying through the assignment or stuck on a problem. The cadence my students worked at gave me information about student learning that reading their papers never could. Careful analysis of how a student moves through an assignment can tell us not only where our students need help but which systemic items might be causing them trouble, allowing us to pinpoint and tackle the problem” says Jacquelyn O'Donohoe, High School Math Teacher, Oak Meadow.

Students do tons of work, but we haven't had the ability to record all the information the students provide while they work, until now.  Inkerz in Canvas allows you to turn any pen into a smart pen. Your students will be able to use the Inkerz app in Canvas to render anything they write, on any paper, directly into Canvas.  As the instructor, you can see and mark the assignment in Canvas (no more papers to carry, anyone?), but you also have data about how long the student took to complete the assignment, where your student paused, where they stumbled, and where they shined.  

Inkerz turns any pen into a smart pen. And you into a smarter teacher. 


A new kind of laboratory for the social sciences.

When students learn biology, physics, or even psychology, they often do experiments. They explore and discover first hand on the inner workings of things. Why hasn’t this been the case for studying economics, management, or the social sciences in general? Moblabs has created a new kind of laboratory because the social world cannot be explored with old equipment. Moblabs connects students in virtual platforms to play games that will help them learn first hand the principles of the social sciences.


We're not just delivering a communication tool... we're helping build a community. 

Pronto brings a campus community feel to a student's mobile device by providing technology that connects students with mentors, instructors, administrators, and most importantly, one another. Like a slack for education students can quickly create groups, communicate and collaborate at anytime. Pronto facilitates a true social learning community.  


Simplifying search, licensing, and alignment of video content from the world's most respected content providers.  

Boclips has removed the hassle of finding content and obtaining licenses from content providers. They’ve aggregated over 3 million videos into a single cloud-based video platform. Proprietary algorithms then map these clips to the curricula and courses used by education providers around the world. This ensures relevant search results for course designers, instructors, and students. All videos are rights-ready for education and updated daily—so there’s no confusion and no delays.

If you’d like to learn more about the fabulous four-pack of Booster Partners, visit their profiles in our partner portal, find recordings from their recent Partner Day webinar on CanvasLIVE, or visit them at Startup Alley at InstructureCon on July 25th.


Keep learning,

Dave Nelson
Education Ecosystem Sr. Manager, Instructure