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A great deal of effort is required to become a skillful author whose writing is clear and readable.  But it’s easier now than ever for students to give into temptation and take a shortcut by repurposing someone else’s writing to make their point (or to meet a course deadline!).  VeriCite helps identify potentially plagiarized text so that powerful conversations between instructors and learners take place, guiding the author to his or her truly original voice.  

Join us on Wednesday, October 25th at 1pm ET when we will demonstrate important advantages that make VeriCite a simple yet powerful tool for students and faculty.

VeriCite makes detecting plagiarism simple. It doesn’t duplicate Canvas features you already have, know, and use, so workflows are streamlined and the user experience is intuitive.  With VeriCite, you get an affordable and robust plagiarism detection tool that does what it does best – detect copied text – along with a best-of-breed LMS in Canvas that does what it does best – manage the course.  The result – an easy way for faculty to help their students express their individual ideas in their own words.  


During the webinar, we will demonstrate how easy it is for instructors to create, submit, and view an interactive VeriCite report in a VeriCite-enabled assignment in Canvas.  Your LMS administrators are working hard to make Canvas a success too, so to help them, we’ll also take a few minutes to showcase VeriCite’s powerful administrative features. 

Originality assessment is more important now than ever. We are all awash in online information that’s easily copied and reused.  Students are under pressure to learn how to be productive, and instructors are under pressure to personalize learning. Faculty must have tools that quickly and efficiently identify texts that may have been misused. Students must learn how to write with sources and to respect the intellectual property of others. And everyone should have the skills to speak in their own voice. 

Join us on October 25 for Advantage VeriCite.  And while you’re there, you may win an Amazon gift card! 

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