Educators are powerful people doing important, life-changing things. Canvas doesn't get in the way of that—it just makes those important, life-changing things easier to do and easier to share.

Canvas LMS solutions for school and beyond.

Canvas LMS is built to make teaching and learning easier for everyone, from the littlest learners to college faculty to business leaders. Learn more about how Canvas works with your institution.

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For K-12

With its easy-to-use LMS and integrations for all your favorite K–12 apps, our Canvas products help you create a custom online learning environment.

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For Higher Ed

Our solutions make educators more effective and students more successful, both in school and beyond.

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For Corp Edu

To work is to learn. But when work takes extra learning, our tools make it extra intuitive, engaging, and effective.

The Canvas Product Family

Delivering what you need to support, enrich, and connect every aspect of teaching and learning.

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Canvas LMS

Course materials. Communication tools. Participation and grades. Data and insights. All part of Canvas. Ready to support learning anywhere.


Canvas Studio

It's the next-generation video learning solution that turns one-way, passive video into inclusive, engaging, and productive classroom discussions.


Canvas Catalog

Catalog is a simple, modern course catalog registration system and branded marketplace for all of your district's professional development and community resource offerings.


Canvas Credentials

Canvas Credentials empowers educators with more than just a transcript. With verifiable digital credentials, they have a comprehensive learner record to demonstrate progress towards their goals.

Sweet Canvas Stats

The numbers don't lie. Canvas is reliable, secure, and educator-loved at every level.


system uptime


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Over 90%

best-in-class customer satisfaction score


of Ivy League schools use Canvas

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Fostering a Culture of Innovation with Canvas LMS

Increasing student engagement led Kenmore-Town of Tonawanda Union Free School District to begin using Canvas LMS with great success. Now, administrators continue to provide the tools and support needed to create a rewarding learning experience for students.

One factor in our decision was the future of how Canvas could help us see out a vision of a coherent, consistent, engaging curriculum for all of our students.

Joi Chimera

Instructional Innovation Support Specialist, Kenmore-Town of Tonawanda UFSD


Creating Consistency with Canvas LMS

Virginia Community College System provides flexible pathways in higher education to strengthen individuals and communities. With Instructure as a partner, this rapidly growing system with 23 individual colleges uses Canvas LMS to create consistency in teaching and learning and invest in student success.

A set of Canvas best practices helps maintain LMS-usage consistency across the colleges.

Ubiquitous Canvas use allowed VCCS to transition smoothly to online learning during COVID-19.

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