The New Talent Development Program: Put Employees at the Center to Drive Organizational Outcomes

Bersin Deloitte’s VP David Mallon shares how today’s Successful Talent Development Programs build systemic relationships with talent by focusing intensely on the employee’s experience.

Most organizations do not have a formalized talent development program. Organizations that focus on talent development are: 4x more likely to be highly effective at coaching and developing people, 3x more likely to be highly effective at identifying and developing leaders, 2x more likely to be highly effective at anticipating change and responding appropriately, and 1.4x more likely to be highly effective at improving processes to maximize efficiency, according to research from Bersin by Deloitte.

How does an organization reach high maturity talent development and management? Their talent development programs typically include systems and processes allowing multi-directional interactions and scalable analysis and response. The goal then for a high-maturity organization is to use their talent development program to empower their workforce’s influence over their work, gain valuable workforce insights, and absorb actionable information in real-time and at scale.