What would a mean for your business?

Confident, competent sales people = Enablement ROI

Bridge is the all-in-one sales enablement suite that helps create confident, competent salespeople in less time. How? With on-demand learning, applied practice with peer-to-peer feedback, and manager conversations driven by skill gaps, for starters.

Questions that keep sales enablement orgs up at night:


Can each rep confidently tell your brand story and talk about how you differentiate?


Are all your reps successfully onboarded and certified?


Can your reps pitch the latest messaging, product updates, process changes, etc?


What knowledge is untapped in the minds of your highest-performing reps?


Do your sales managers coach each rep individually?


Which skill gaps are causing deals to stall in the pipeline?

How much more revenue could your reps produce?

# of Reps

Revenue without sales enablement

Revenue with sales enablement

Without formal sales enablement charter - only 43% of reps (on average) hit quota VS With formal sales enablement charter - 73.6% of reps hit quota

Continuous sales enablement is key to higher-performing reps.

It’s nearly impossible to keep a sales team motivated when it’s dealing with so much—high turnover, staying on top of rapidly changing competitive landscapes, hiring significant headcount in a short time period, and learning about updates to products, services, and messaging, all while trying to hit quota. But a solid sales training program keeps a sales team engaged and performing. And that’s literally the difference between company success or failure.

Coaching and mentoring from managers

Go beyond pep talks and quota chats.

See how sales enablement will create an educated sales team, close more deals, and keep turnover low.

See The Sales Manager Handbook

Ongoing practice and peer-to-peer interactions

Distribute knowledge with peer-to-peer feedback.

Learn how peer-to-peer feedback can empower sales organizations to continuously engage talent and build a sustainable sales strategy.

Learn how to empower sales peer-to-peer feedback

Data-driven strategy

Realize more revenue, faster.

See how your sales enablement efforts can live where your reps do: in Salesforce.

See the salesforce integration data sheet

Targeted learning

Make your reps as productive as possible, faster.

Find out how you can ramp up your sales teams in less time and create more revenue for your organization with continuous sales enablement.

View the sales enablement plan

Coaching & assessment

Better-trained reps decrease ramp time and hit their numbers more often. In fact, 42% of reps attain first-year quota through coaching and learning (versus 35% without). By providing tailored coaching and mentoring, managers can help get sales back in the field faster.

UI Snapshot of Bridge Shared 1:1 Agenda

Video coaching & peer-to-peer feedback

Sales team members often want to learn from their peers. Practice helps them communicate about best practices and what is or isn’t working while removing bottlenecks on the flow of knowledge and ideas.

UI Snapshot of Bridge Video Coaching & Peer Feedback Tools

Faster onboarding & ongoing certification

Reps have different levels of experience, industry knowledge, and sales skills, which means they aren't all starting at the same place or consuming knowledge in the same way. With Bridge, you can create custom learning paths to fit your different teams and give the whole team access to content that has helped your highest performing reps.

UI Snapshot of Bridge Authoring Tools and Learner Group

Uncover skill gaps and tie performance to employee development

Most sales leaders focus on lagging indicators like who didn't hit quota. But what if you could look to leading indicators and narrow in on exactly which skills are keeping deals from closing? Data helps you discover and address the things keeping your good reps from being great.

Bridge infographic with title 'Boost Sales Performance Through Impactful Learning'

Transamerican Case Study

With the help of Bridge, Transamerican Auto Parts decreased their sales onboarding time by 60 days while increasing sales revenue by 10%.

Transamerican Auto logo Read the Transamerican case study


Larry H. Miller Companies utilized Bridge to help with their onboarding and sales training program, and increased store output by 300%.

Larry H. Miller Companies Logo Read The Larry H. Miller Companies Case Study

Bridge empowers sales operations and enablement organizations to:

Head Profile with Gear inside

Decrease ramp time by scaling faster, more effective onboarding & certifications.

Two Different Fists bumping

Save time and distribute knowledge with peer-to-peer feedback.

Desktop with Video Playing

Realize more revenue through focused employee development.

Dashboard of bar chart

Leverage analytics around skill gaps to see where sales needs help.

See Why We Call Bridge a Comprehensive Sales Enablement Suite

Better trained reps decrease ramp time and hit their numbers more often. In fact, 42% of reps attain first-year quota through coaching and learning (versus 35% without). By providing tailored coaching and mentoring managers can help get sales back in the field faster.

Individualized Coaching & Engagement

  • Provide a structure for successful 1:1s and track manager-rep engagement.
  • Assess rep skill gaps and create tailored skill development.
  • Connect highest performing reps with others for peer mentoring.
  • Align rep goals to company and team goals.

Video Coaching That Saves Time & Distributes Knowledge

  • Allow peer-to-peer feedback to reduce strain on managers.
  • Encourage frequent practice of soft-skills and messaging.
  • Focus on skill coaching, not just deal progression.

Scale the Learning Path Of Highest Performing Reps

  • Onboard new reps with content tailored to their experience level. 
  • Utilize assessments & quizzes to drive knowledge retention.
  • Allow reps to socialize ideas through video.

Uncover Skills Gaps & Tie Development to Performance

Certification icon

Ensure preparation for certifications.

Text Boxes with brain and charts

Leverage the Bridge Salesforce integration to enable active learning, boost sales performance, and track linked achievements. 

Magnifying class on charts

Base ongoing training on identified skill gaps.

See how Bridge can help you enable your sales force

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