Practice. Get Feedback. Get Better. Repeat.

Bridge is a peer-to-peer video coaching tool that allows you to record yourself demonstrating critical skills in a way that helps drive confidence and competence in key business skills through peer feedback and assessment.


Applied Skill Reinforcement

Build competency and develop careers, harnessing the power of peer-to-peer video assessment and coaching. (Added bonus: give the guy who’s constantly saying, “video is the future, man” something else to talk about.)

Learning and Development Skill Reinforcement

Empowerment Means Better Development

Did we miss a buzzword there? Well, they’re not buzzwords if you really make them happen, which is exactly what Bridge does when it helps employees grow their skills, steer their careers, and just generally be happier at work.

Empowerment means better corporate learning and development

Actual, Real-Deal Engagement

We did miss a buzzword: engagement! But, here’s the thing—Bridge really, genuinely, documentedly engages employees with dynamic practice and learning. Part of that is cultivating a healthy feedback culture.


Training Sessions Are Just a Piece of the Pie

If your people only engage during on-site training, you might be doing it wrong. Bridge makes sure training and development are ongoing, not something you stop and start in an hour (or even a day).

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We were using another solution prior to Practice and I was up half the night fielding support and technical calls trying to get it to work. But with Practice, people knew what they had to do, they did it and we got what we needed. It’s very simple, straightforward. It’s an offering that executed extremely well.

Amy Speranza, Global Learning Leader,
- General Electric

Lightbulb with a lightning bolt inside

Peer-To-Peer Feedback

Self-directed learning, augmented by peer feedback, helps employees learn from each other and circulate tribal knowledge (all without bottle-necking at managers).

Individual & Group Notifications Icon

Individual & Group Notifications

Nudge! Bridge (politely) notifies groups or individuals about completion requirements, which boosts both engagement and completion. And people who need nudges.

Assignments to Groups Icon

Assignments to Groups

Assignments to Groups makes sure everyone (in said group) gets the same training opportunities. We’re equal opportunity assignment-to-groupers.

Learner-Driven Practice on Mobile Icon

Learner-Driven Practice

With Model Responses and other course-specific supplemental documents, learners are better equipped to D.T.O.P.S. (drive their own practice sessions). Yay! Less hand-holding!

Award Icon

Leaderboards and Mentors

Be competitive and nurturing all at once! Identify top performers via course-specific leaderboards, then have them act as mentors for the rest of the group. Win-win, man.

Dashboard Analytics Icon with Bar Graph

Dashboard Analytics

Oooh, stats! Our dashboards provide context about completion, progressions, response rates, and (here it comes again) engagement for both teams and individuals.

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