Holistic Performance Management

Support peer-to-peer and manager-to-employee conversations that look beyond the to-do list to career growth and skill development.
Bridge Perform is a performance-enablement tool that tracks one-on-one conversations, helps individuals align their goals to company goals, and provides tools for quarterly check-ins and annual performance reviews.


Performance Enablement

Annual review, semi-quarterly sync, weekly check-in. It's just not the cadence, it's the contents. Empower employees and managers to have impactful conversations with substantive tools that provide a framework for development and career- and skill-growth conversations.

Continuous 1:1 Bridge Performance Management

Skill-Based Strategy

The common language of development is "skills." Help employees understand the skills related to their role, and have a concrete plan around developing those skills.

Clear Employee Development Opportunities

Agile Goal Alignment

With Bridge, you can create a cohesive, responsive business strategy from company, team, and individual goals that easily adapt to changes in said strategy. Sure beats building a house of cards.

Agile Goal Alignment for Employee Development

From Skills to Strategies

Insight into employee engagement and skill gaps helps you create future development plans that map to your strategic objectives.

Business-Impacting Data & Reporting

More than just a way to measure employee performance

Give your managers a flexible & integrated 9box workspace that enables them to holistically review their employees based on the behaviors and results that really matter.

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Why do people quit? Many times, it’s related to their managers. In HR, it’s our responsibility to look at the reasons people quit and try to mitigate those. With Bridge, we can foster relationships with managers and even with coworkers. In 1:1s, you can’t ignore questions, you have to offer feedback, and you have to focus on the person you’re talking with. Everyone who participates in a 1:1 learns how to work with and approach the people in their network. This helps managers focus on not just what’s urgent, but what’s important, like identifying opportunities for all of our people to grow and develop.

Charles Castonguay, Director of Learning & Development,
Golden Nugget

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Shared 1:1 Tool Icon

Shared 1:1 Tool

Oh, the humanity! Bridge's shared 1:1 tool takes manager-employee interaction beyond the to-do list and into the realm of meaningful interaction and feedback.
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Manager Development

Being a manager is a totally different skill set from being an individual contributor, but we often don't prepare our managers with training or tools. Enter Bridge. Complete with a manager dashboard, a question bank, and skill data, Bridge equips your managers with productive talking points for career-development conversations with employees.
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Skill Assessments

Skill assessments provide insight into employees’ individual strengths and areas for skill development (i.e. they turn performance-based assessments from kryptonite into Chrono Vision).
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Team-Wide Skill Data

Team-wide skill data creates mentoring opportunities within teams and helps teams collectively grow and learn. Go team(s).
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Virtual Teams

And with Perform’s virtual teams, employees can track their shared goals and achievements and stay connected cross-functionally.

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Employee Timeline

Motivate employees by giving them a tool to chart their goals, learning, and achievements. Side benefit: That administrative annual review just got a whole lot easier.
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Talent Review

Give your managers a flexible workspace (9box grid) that allows them to aggregate information, collaborate with other leaders, and facilitate the review of each employee, all in one place.
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