Listen Up (for a Better Company Culture)

Give your employees and managers the mic.

Listen to Your Employees

Bridge Engage lets your employees share their voices—and it lets them know you’re listening. Regularly measure employee engagement, or quickly check in with a specific team or group to get an opinion on a specific topic. Share what action you’ve taken based on employee feedback with Engage’s “Recent Wins” feature.

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Easily Analyze Employee Sentiment

Use machine learning to instantly sift through employee comments, highlighting the factors and topics that your employees are discussing or interested in frequently. Sentiment analysis lets you know whether those topics are spoken about in a positive, neutral, or negative light.

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Find Out What’s Driving Your Culture (and Take Action)

Learn what factors are correlated with the business outcomes that matter to you, from employee retention to employee satisfaction. Go beyond measuring employee engagement to identify which aspects of your culture are behind key outcomes to help guide your people initiatives.

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Anonymous Conversations

Anonymity can promote honest feedback. But how do you answer anonymous questions? With Bridge. You can have a conversation with employees while protecting their anonymity. Engage lets you ask for more information or respond to employee comments without revealing the commenter’s identity.

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Manager Dashboards

Let managers and divisional leaders view their teams’ results within Bridge. To keep anonymity intact, results are only shown if there are enough respondents to preserve anonymity.

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Survey Authoring

Easily author your own questions or leverage questions Bridge provides to help measure the health of your organization.

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Leverage Your HRIS Data While Preserving Anonymity

Are you sensing a theme here? Engage leverages your demographic data and organizational hierarchy within Bridge so that you don’t need to ask demographic questions. This helps shorten your surveys and improve response rates. Use Smart Groups as distribution lists or methods to segment your data.

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