Where to Go and How to Get There

Bridge Career is an employee-centric career development tool that aligns career vision with core values and skills to increase fulfillment and clarity and drive personal and business growth.

Career Drivers and Planning

Provide managers with tools that support open conversations that help employees drive their careers.

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Coaching Conversations

Manager coaching includes conversations that focus on the progress of critical work as well as employee learning and career growth.

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Development Planning

Help individuals develop a long-term career vision and plans to connect their role to that vision.

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Find Your Everest

Empower employees and managers to have that crucial conversation about employees' hopes, dreams, and lofty long-term goals.
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Identify Drivers

Help employees identify what drives them. This is invaluable for engagement and gives managers insight into employees' happiness, satisfaction, and productivity in their current role.
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Chart a Career Development Plan

Instead of leaving it at "improve," help employees develop a specific action plan around skills they need to improve. Complete the plan with manager input and peer mentoring.
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