The Bridge Platform

Bridge Puts People First—Just Like You.

It’s a suite! It’s a stack! It’s employee development software! It doesn’t matter what you call it (unless you work in SEO). The Bridge Platform is a comprehensive way to help your employees build relationships, develop their skills, and grow in their careers.



A next-generation learning solution for purpose-driven learning programs.


A performance enablement solution that aligns employees with company vision and skill growth.


An employee-centric career development solution that drives personal and business growth.


A pulse survey solution that brings insights and action plans to leadership.


A video role play tool that drives confidence and competence through peer feedback and assessment.

A one-stop employee-centric platform.

Give employees a reason to grow—and then give them the means. The Bridge Platform covers all the bases in one place: everything an employee needs to develop their skills, from their first day of work to the day they retire.

one-stop employee-centric platform

An ecosystem of relationships and experiences.

No one develops in a silo. But in a community of managers, peers, and mentors and a space conducive to continuous learning and practice? That’s a different story.

ecosystem of relationships and experiences

Comprehensive, business-critical data and analytics.

If you can’t see a problem, you can’t fix it. And if you can’t see a success, you can’t scale it. The Bridge Platform gives HR the power to make strategic decisions and meaningful changes.

Comprehensive, business-critical data and analytics

Reliable, responsive, super-committed customer support.

You focus on developing your people and your business strategy, and we’ll focus on the technology that’ll help you execute it.

Customer support satisfaction: 93%

An open platform that tailors to your business and technology needs.

Bridge is built on open-source standards with custom webhooks, experienced professional services, and top-tier partnerships. In other words, Bridge makes your system better.

99.98% uptime 100% native cloud

Get a closer look at Bridge.

Learn more about employee engagement and development and what you can do with the Bridge Platform.

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