Instructure Releases Antidote for the Dreaded Annual Performance Review: Bridge Perform

Bridge Perform is a performance management tool approved by employees and managers alike

LAS VEGAS — Oct. 11, 2017 — Bridge by Instructure today announced the release of Bridge Perform at the HR Technology Conference & Exposition in Las Vegas. Bridge Perform builds healthy manager-employee relationships through continuous feedback and directed one-on-ones, while capturing critical employee performance data, making the dreaded annual performance review a relic of the past. Complementing Bridge Learn, Bridge Perform is the newest addition to the Bridge platform as it builds out a human capital management (HCM) suite. 


Over a year under development, Bridge Perform provides a platform for facilitating regular and more meaningful manager-employee interactions, tracking individual goals, accomplishments and milestones, and capturing valuable peer assessments, creating a holistic picture of employee performance over time. Additionally, Bridge Perform provides business leadership and HR teams with the critical data and insights required to effectively manage employee performance and development, at an individual level, across large organizations. 


Meaningful Manager-Employee Interactions

A recent Bridge survey of 1,036 individual contributors and managers at organizations with 500 or more employees, found that the greatest impact on individual performance comes from managers holding one-on-one meetings focused on skills development, career goals, continuous learning and future plans. The frequency of feedback and usage of software tools can also increase the engagement of an employee by up to three times according to the same survey. With Bridge Perform, managers set frequent, directed one-on-ones, providing employees with clear direction and a record of performance throughout the year. 


“I started evaluating Bridge Perform during the summer and it has completely changed my view of the annual performance review process,” said Mike Jones, director of learning and development from Southern Glazer’s — North America’s largest wine and spirits distributor. “Today’s workforce is experiencing a significant shift toward agile, real-time, continuous feedback. The most meaningful data about an employee's performance comes from the weekly one-on-ones with their manager, yet, these often go undocumented.” 


A Comprehensive Timeline of Goals, Accomplishments and Milestones

The traditional annual review process requires a manager to evaluate an employee based on accomplishments that happened throughout the year. However, for managers with multiple direct reports and no way of tracking individual progress, the process can easily break down. Bridge Perform allows managers to track goals, recognize accomplishments and set achievable milestones for employees over a period of time. Automatically generated from one-on-ones and other activities, the Employee Timeline feature provides employees and managers with a comprehensive view of performance, complete with milestones, tasks, areas for skill development and future goals. Admins can even add company or team goals to the Employee Timeline.


Outside Assessments Help Close the Skills Gap

Peer and skills assessments can be an indispensable tool for gathering external feedback in order to gain a more comprehensive picture of an employee’s performance and serves as a fundamental part of Bridge Perform. Peer reviews also help managers quickly identify skills gaps and opportunities for training at an individual or team level.


Data and Insights 

The Data Insights feature of Bridge Perform answers critical questions about employee development through granular data collected via regular manager and employee inputs. Intuitive, easy-to-read dashboards provide actionable insights into the most important aspects of performance, including frequency of manager-employee interactions, skills gaps, learning opportunities and more.  


“With Bridge Perform, we set out to fix what has long been a broken process for performance management,” said Matt Bingham, VP of product for Bridge by Instructure. “We see that while happy and engaged employees lead to better business outcomes, only around 30 percent of the U.S. workforce is actively engaged at work, according to Gallup. We’re developing tools to help managers, HR teams and business leadership re-engage the other 70 percent. Bridge helps companies develop, retain and promote the one resource they can’t afford to lose: their people.”


To learn more about Bridge Perform, or to see a product demo, visit booth #3932 at the HR Technology Conference & Exposition, October 10–12, 2017 at The Venetian Las Vegas. Or visit our website at


To learn more about the surveys mentioned in this release, contact Becky Frost. 



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Becky Frost

Senior Director, Public Relations