Bridge Integrates Arc's Innovative Video Features into its Platform

Arc provides Bridge customers with cutting edge video content capabilities, including in-depth analytics and intuitive organization

SALT LAKE CITY — June 19, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Bridge by Instructure, a leading learning management system (LMS) for businesses, today announced an integration with Instructure's online video platform, Arc, to make learning more engaging in the corporate setting. Combining Arc and Bridge brings new insights around video engagement and state-of-the-art video technology to Bridge's global customers to help them enhance their current suite of tools for learning.
"This integration doesn't simply add videos to learning programs, it helps organizations add a new level of engagement with a video learning strategy," said Matt Bingham, VP of product for Bridge by Instructure. "We worked to ensure this unification gives our users something unique by bringing in robust social learning and learner analytics. Bridge and Arc not only increase interactivity, but also provide in-depth insights to help improve organizations' overall learning programs."
Every Bridge client can have access to Arc, allowing them to leverage these powerful capabilities to make their learning strategy more engaging through an intuitive, easy-to-use interface fostering collaborative, communal learning. This integration helps organizations organize, manage and reuse their video content in one place without having to re-paste links. Bridge and Arc enable organizations to increase the effectiveness of their learning initiatives while enhancing knowledge sharing, streamlining onboarding and training and keeping training material current.
"With the addition of Arc, Bridge has become the smartest learning platform for professional development," said Raheel Alam, Head of Training for Zip Dandy. "The functionality, usability and ease of use Arc offers makes it a useful tool that provides an exceptional video learning experience."
Arc brings innovative new features to Bridge's learning platform, including:
  • "Just in time" commenting. Arc's commenting feature enables corporations to increase learner engagement by allowing them to comment at any moment in time within a video. Learners can comment on specific parts of a video with questions and thoughts at the moment they arise, and the technology auto-pauses to let them finish before continuing. Comments live in the course, meaning they are attached to the specific moment of content in the video and can be easily referenced at any time. This feature creates social learning opportunities around a video, in the exact moments where learners react to the content.
  • In-depth video analytics. Organizations can create compelling content through detailed consumption analytics on a per-learner level that shows where people's attention drops off, video completion rates and which videos gain the most traction based on individual learner consumption. Arc's analytics tools help organizations understand the impact of their learning program and update content to be more engaging. These analytics are available for any uploaded or linked video, including links to YouTube, Vimeo and others.
  • Simple content organization. With Arc and Bridge, users can easily organize and manage video content in one place, reusing it across courses without having to re-paste links. Users can easily search across videos in their collection to find the right clip, locate comments and analyze data.
Arc offers cutting-edge, highly secure technology that supports a variety of video creation methods, including purchased video content and user-generated content. This capability allows organizations to improve the engagement of their videos without redeploying or adding more resources. Unlike YouTube, users must be authenticated to view videos, so only authorized users will be able to view video content.
Instructure, Inc. is a leading software-as-a-service (SaaS) technology company that makes software that makes people smarter. With a vision to help maximize the potential of people through technology, Instructure created Canvas and Bridge to enable organizations everywhere to easily develop, deliver and manage engaging face-to-face and online learning experiences. To date, Instructure has connected millions of teachers and learners at more than 1,600 educational institutions and corporations throughout the world. Learn more about Canvas for higher ed and K-12, and Bridge for the corporate market at
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