It's time to take learning mobile


More than 90% of employees felt underprepared for their jobs coming out of college.

of employees agreed that changes in their field require them to update their knowledge and develop new professional skills.


But only
said their current job is 100% preparing them for future work.

To what extent is your current work preparing you for your future? 85.0% of peoplesaid current work is preparing them 70.9% for their future. 12.1% 2.9% 0%Prepared 25% 50% 75% 100%Prepared

How Do We Prepare for the Future?


9 out of 10
employees reported using some form of web-enabled learning.

SocialMedia70.6% MOOCs61.8% Websites83.2% OnlineCourses78.8% MobileTech80.2%

Whose Learning
is Mobile?

Baby Boomers Gen Xers Millennials

5 Ways to Make Your Culture of Learning

More Effective

  • 1

    Creating training that fills common career preparedness gaps

  • 2

    Taking advantage of resources and communities on the open web that your self-directed learners are already using

  • 3

    Encouraging a culture of learning that makes it easy for employees to share learning resources

  • 4

    Using technology that is frictionless, or simple for anyone to develop engaging training

  • 5

    Ensuring that your online learning platform supports mobile-ized training

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