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Even if you’re happy with current team members, odds are you’ll need to hire again in the future. To ensure you get the right person, identify skills that will complement your team and be sure to ask strategic interview questions.


If you have a great batch of salespeople but need to revamp your sales strategy, training is the best way to get everyone up to speed and on the same page.


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Why Mobile Learning is a Must for Sales Teams

You already know that training is essential when it comes to improving sales, but you might not know which training methods to try. While there are many great strategies to consider, one that every sales team should be incorporating is mobile learning. Here's why.
In order to be an effective sales team, members need to understand the product they're selling, as well as their clients' industry, like the back of their hand. Knowledgeable sales staff are often more comfortable when talking with potential customers, which is important because the more comfortable your staff is when talking with clients, the more likely they are going to be able to sell your product.
Enter mobile learning. Unlike in-class training and other methods for learning, mobile learning enables staff to train on the go, any time of the day. Why is this important? Imagine a scenario in which a sales rep is traveling to meet with a potential client. While waiting in the airport or sitting in the passenger seat of a car, the rep has some time to kill. This is the perfect opportunity to brush up on the client's company and the product the rep is selling.
With mobile learning, your sales team can do just that. The sales rep shows up to the client meeting well-prepared and ends up closing the deal. While staff can certainly prepare for a meeting without the use of their phones, mobile learning allows them to prepare up until the last minute, keeping valuable information fresh in their mind.
Mobile learning is also beneficial because it provides bite-sized chunks of information. Small pieces of information, rather than long courses or in-class training sessions, can have more of an impact, ensuring sales reps are actually learning and understanding the information you've provided.
In today's modern age, cellphones often feel like a necessity. Now, your phone can prove to be even more useful with mobile learning. Help your sales staff achieve success by incorporating mobile learning into your training process.

How to Design Sales Training for Employees

With so many new and different training products emerging each day, sales training is a challenge for HR and Training Managers everywhere. Sales people are often on the go, so training them all in one place is becoming less and less of an option. But training is important. It takes a knowledgeable salesperson to close a deal. The solution? E-learning. E-learning offers the flexibility, interaction, consistency, and quality needed to successfully train sales employees. Here are some best practices to help you get started:
It’s all about video
A popular choice for any type of training, video is everything when it comes to sales training. You don’t need a fancy studio or any special knowledge to create quality training videos. You simply need to be comfortable using a camera or screen-capture tool, adding voiceover and exporting it to your training platform.
Keep it short
Being brief also applies to the rest of your e-training content. All content should be delivered in short chunks. Even if your course is four hours long, breaking it up into snack-sized pieces will help your employees consume the content on their own time without feeling rushed or drained.
Make it fun
There’s no reason why you can’t add a little glitz and glamour to your sales training content. Of course you want your employees to pay attention, so why not keep them entertained? When you make videos, have fun with it. Interview your subject matter experts like it’s a talk show, edit into short blocks and publish for your employees.
Maximize the benefits of online technology to keep your employees engaged, happy and knowledgeable using a Learning Management System. Bridge will help you guide your employees in the right direction. With Bridge, you’ll have content creator, multimedia, assessment, PowerPoint and content importer tools all right at your fingertips.

Why E-Learning is a Game Changer for Sales Organizations

Sales training is nothing new, but the way we go about it has changed drastically in recent years, thanks to E-learning. Now, training is more effective and efficient than ever. If your sales organization is still attending seminars and workshops, it's time to consider online learning instead. Here are just three reasons why E-learning is a game-changer and why you should incorporate it into your training sessions.
1. Cuts down on costs
E-learning is an affordable alternative to many training methods, giving you more bang for your buck. With online training, you don't have to spend money on transportation, hotels, long seminars or classrooms. You simply need a learning management system that allows you to create materials without hiring external sources.
2. Enables employees to choose their learning environment
Maybe your staff prefers to learn in coffee shops, on their backyard patio or home office. With the ability to use any device at any time of the day, employees in your sales organization can determine where they are most productive, and therefore most likely to learn.
3. Keeps sales staff up to date in an efficient manner
Online materials can be easily updated to keep staff current on all of the products they are selling. When new products are added to your inventory or items are slightly changed, sales staff can quickly learn what those changes are in order to be a helpful resource to customers.
Stay ahead of the game with the latest method for training. While online learning doesn't have to be the only training method you use, it is a great approach to throw into the mix in order to boost your overall training process.

Why Sales Managers Should Consider E-learning to Train Staff

When it comes to sales, even the naturals need a little training to hone their skills. However, not all training methods are effective, and what training you choose can determine whether you see a boost in sales or a decline. For example, it can be very helpful to train sales staff "in the field." But, before employees get this hands-on experience, they first need to learn certain skills to make field training effective. This is where e-learning comes into play. E-learning can provide the high-quality training your team needs to enhance overall performance, and it’s affordable. Here are five more reasons why sales managers should consider e-learning when training their team.
1. E-learning can be tailored to your team's specific needs
Instead of sending your staff to a large, general seminar for training, you can design a more personalized experience. E-learning allows you to have full control over the materials presented, meaning you can create courses that apply directly to your business and employees.
1. E-learning can be tailored to your team's specific needs
Instead of sending your staff to a large, general seminar for training, you can design a more personalized experience. E-learning allows you to have full control over the materials presented, meaning you can create courses that apply directly to your business and employees.
2. Anyone can create courses
While some online training can be difficult to work with, many e-learning solutions don't even require outside help. You can create courses for staff without the help of an instructional designer, which helps you save both time and money.
3. E-learning is flexible
Was there a recent change in your product line or policy? With the right learning management software (LMS), you can easily and quickly make changes to your materials. There's no need to know how to code or program either.
4. E-learning shows progress and problems
How do you know whether your sales staff is actually understanding the material? An LMS can track how users are doing and send you the results. This helps you pinpoint the areas where employees not only excel, but where they struggle as well.
5. You can present bite-sized information to employees
3-hour seminars or even hour-long training sessions make it difficult for employees to stay engaged. With e-learning, you can design courses that present information in bite-sized pieces. The flexibility of online learning also allows learners to take a break and continue their session as needed.
E-learning isn't the only effective way to train your employees, but it is a method that can complement other types of training very well. Take advantage of easy-to-use LMS options to create online courses that provide sales staff with the skills they need to improve.

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