The millennials have landed, and the workplace is never looking back.
People born between 1981 and 2000 are all grown up and they’re taking the workplace by storm. More and more, baby boomers are retiring and millennials are on track to take their place as the dominant generation, making up 75% of the workforce by 2025.
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So what’s the big deal?
The largest and most diverse generation in US history has more to offer the working world than just volume. The good news is that millennials are very driven, but employers need to step up their training and development programs to grab their attention and their loyalty.
Building with text saying I want to be here
For millennials, it’s not about entitlement. It’s about engagement.
You’ve heard the hype that millennials expect a corner office by their first year out of college. But this idea of entitlement isn’t quite on the mark. In a recent study, training and development ranked 300% higher than cash bonuses for millennials. Millennials not only seek continuous improvement and development, but two-thirds expect their employers to provide them with the opportunities.

Close the technology gap or get left behind.
According to a recent study by Instructure, creators of the modern learning and training platform Bridge, 54% of managers feel millennials are only somewhat prepared to contribute to a company right when they start. On the other hand, millennials are eager to learn and engage. More than 20% of this Generation feel their employer-provided technologies are pretty terrible. Thankfully, this “largest generation” happen to be very ambitious, but only if the training is on their terms.
Laptops can help Millenials learn and engage in learning job skills
Zero tolerance for outdated training & technology.
Millennials are the first digital natives. When you grow up using computers and cell phones while you’re still in diapers, you have a whole different perspective of technology and its role in everyday life. The “Lunch and Learn” presentations and half-day sessions used in training today are about as old school as dial-up to this generation. As difficult as it is to imagine, PowerPoint isn’t popular with this crowd either.
The use of mobile technology is very important to Millennials
It’s time to get onboard with their lifestyle:
Mobile devices offer Millennials the flexibility the desire
Go mobile — give them the flexibility they want, combined with the tech they can’t live without. Nearly all millennials are permanently attached to their smartphones: four out of five even sleep with a phone or have it beside them.
Millennials thrive on social interaction and networking
Get social — include elements for social sharing and engagement. 70% of millennials have friended a manager or co-worker on Facebook.
Shorter tasks are better for Millennials
Stay bite sized — millennials switch between tasks up to 27 times per hour. That doesn’t give you much time (around 2.2 seconds) to get your message across. Think short videos (five minutes or less) and resource libraries where they can guide their own studies.
Millennials love to collaborate in the workplace
Foster collaboration — 88% of millennials would rather collaborate than compete at work.
Millennials work harder when they know where their work is going
Give feedback (and fast) — 95% work harder when they know where their work is going. Remember, this is the instant gratification generation, so provide same-day feedback if possible.
Millennials thrive when you set expectations and let them loose in accomplishing the task
Set the framework, then set them loose — tell them what’s expected of them, and get out of their way. This generation is all about discovery, curiosity, and maintaining control of their own destiny.

Don’t expect a work 9-to-5,
retire-with-a-gold-watch mentality.

Millennials know what drives them and what will push them out the door. 88% need a “positive culture” or they’ll start looking elsewhere. And, even if they find meaning in their work, most expect to stay in a job for less than three years. Side projects and hobbies are second nature, and 78% of millennials feel that their “hustle” could take them on a different path, so it’s worth the extra effort. Essentially, their multitasking ability and short attention spans carry over into their professional lives.

Why bother if they aren’t
going to stick around?

Because their short attention spans can give way to great feats in multitasking. Millennials use technology not only to connect, but to be more efficient. Plus, they’ll be the majority of your workforce soon.
Millennials know what drives them and that is a positive culture
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Millennials are here to stay, so you better engage them.
Now that you know just how different this generation is from its predecessors in the workplace, it’s up to you to tailor learning and training programs to meet their needs.
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