The Best Training Mix for the Modern Workforce

Learning is much more than absorbing information during onboarding or on-the-job practice. You can help keep employees engaged and successful with a mix of different training methods. We’ve compiled a list of the most effective types of training - have a look.

Formal training: class is now in session

Formal training refers to courses or content developed by an instructor, including:

  • Classroom training or lectures

  • Online training courses

  • Conferences


    Certification programs

Only about 10% of employee learning comes from formal training and assignments, so be sure to focus L&D planning (and dollars) on multiple training components.

Social learning: breakroom > classroom

Employees obtain knowledge informally through community and ongoing interactions.

About 20% of learning comes from social interactions.

Today’s workplace is all about collaboration. In order to thrive, companies must facilitate social learning by:

  • Creating a culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing

  • Using technology, like a learning management system, to create formal and informal learning experiences

  • Providing adequate tools and space for working and learning together

Self-directed learning: Autonomy takes the spotlight

Allow employees to learn on their own time, on their own terms:

  • Tap into the autonomy millennials want

  • Use a cloud-based e-learning platform - like Bridge - that’s compatible with mobile devices

  • Provide a library of non-required courses for employees to take on their own

  • Use participation to help determine the next generation of leaders

Don’t forgo the guidelines: 95% of millennials are driven by the meaning and outcome of training and learning, so be sure to provide some direction and check in periodically.

just-in-time training: knowledge right when they need it

Empower workers with access to the right info at exactly the right moment by:

  • Creating a central library with job and company-specific resources

  • Ensuring all your information is clearly labeled and organized for easy access

  • Utilizing mobile compatible training

interactive training: use it so you don’t lose it

Interactivity makes people smarter: 90% of knowledge is retained from immediate application, like answering a question or taking action.

Provide your employees with learning that gets them involved with:

  • Team activities

  • Quizzes

  • Games

  • Interactive videos

  • Course-level advancements

So, are you ready to revamp your training methods? Using a learning management system like Bridge can help you incorporate all the methods discussed above for the ultimate L&D harmony.

Published November 2016 by Instructure, Inc.
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