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But what exactly is employee engagement? Employee engagement is a combination of being invested in your work; it’s knowing what your company’s goals are, and having the tools and the drive to contribute to your organization effectively.

45% of employees are only partially engaged. 26% of employees are completely unplugged.

At Instructure, we believe there’s a better way to engage your employees.


It’s not about maintaining a morale level just high enough to avoid a mass exodus.

It’s not about spending whole workdays watching compliance videos that are forgotten as soon as they’re over.

And it’s not about trying to motivate employees with yearly reviews and hopes of small cost-of-living increases.

Unengaged employees using an exit
Dinosaurs- old employee engagement plans are going extinct

A lot can happen in a year, so the dialogue between managers and employees should be ongoing. That way, problems are solved instead of stewed upon, people get the tools needed to do their jobs better, and the company thrives.

Only when employees feel safe enough, valued enough, and empowered enough can innovation occur. Without employee engagement, you aren't headed toward innovation, you're headed for extinction.

You can’t scare your employees into caring

What do you want most out of your employees? Productivity? Quality customer service? A positive impact on your bottom line? Then you need engaged employees.

But are you still using “carrot-and-stick motivators” (rewards and punishments)? It’s time to rethink those methods. In his bestselling book “Drive,” Daniel Pink says there’s a gap between what science knows about motivation and what business knows. What are the key characteristics that motivate your workforce?

Eye-See how new tools can increase employee engagement

Autonomy - "Let me do my job my way"

Lightbulb- discover new ways to retain employees

Mastery - "Help me learn and grow"

Brain-Educate to engage

Purpose - "Make me feel like what I'm doing matters"

Is your business ignoring these motivators?

Engage your employees now, before someone else does.

People using an exit

Continue training your top performers or you could soon be training their replacements. Focus on learning as a key tool to improve employee engagement.

Access to learning and training opportunities is the second-most valued form of recognition among employees surveyed by Quantum Workforce across a variety of industries, experience levels and demographics. It even outranked receiving a spontaneous cash bonus!

In a nutshell: help your employees grow as professionals and they will help your business grow. Keep them engaged and on board with these best practices:

open eye to focus on millennials learning styles

Focus on millennials’ learning styles

a clock to make time for stretch assignments

Provide time for stretch assignments

wrench to build a culture of learning

Build a culture of learning

train your people

Train your leaders

Training shouldn’t feel like torture

We’ve all heard groans when training and development is mentioned. But it doesn’t have to be that way. This is especially important for the ever-growing numbers of millennials in the workforce. By 2025, millennials are expected to make up 75 percent of the global workforce.

Are you still making employees watch that two-hour video on sexual harassment or safety compliance? Millennials will check out before you even press “play.” Engage them the way they live, work, and interact:

Your content must speak ‘TwitChatGramTube’ (aka millennial)

Trainings should be given in bite sized pieces

Make it bite-sized.Millennials are accustomed to 140-character limits, 10-second disappearing videos, and the ability to fast forward through commercials.

Trainings should be social

Make it social.Eighty-four percent of millennials are social media users.

Make your trainings visual

Make it visual.Over 65 percent of millennials prefer to learn visually. Beyond millennials, visual content still rules the day. Ninety percent of the information our brains process is visual, and our brain is able to process visuals 60,000 times faster than text.

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Studies prove that engaged employees drive greater productivity, quality, and profitability. Yet employee engagement is at abysmal levels throughout the United States. And workers under 25 rate professional development as their number-one driver of engagement.

The message is clear: it’s time to move learning and development to the front burner and start finding ways to make employee training easier, more effective, interesting, and intuitive. Have we convinced you? Want to learn more?

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