Why you need a
culture of learning

Workplace learning makes employees smarter. But did you know it also makes them more engaged and loyal?

Survey Says

We surveyed more than 2,000 people at companies across the United States to find out how company culture and values relate to:

Loyalty Engagement LeadershipSkills ProfessionalDevelopment

Employees want more than a culture of free food. (They want free learning too)

Among the elements of company culture we studied, free meals had the least effect on engagement and loyalty. Workplace learning, on the other hand, did the most to align personal and organizational values - and that's where engagement and loyalty come from.


Almost 100 percent of employees at companies with a strong culture of learning reported feeling engaged at work and loyal to their company.


A culture of learning = a culture of leadership

Less than half (44.4%) of employees we surveyed said they're actively being developed for future leadership positons. But most (60.6%) said leaders in their company are promoted from within.

How can you help your future leaders develop the skills they need to succeed?

Learn more about how a strong culture of learning can help lay the groundwork of success - for your employees, your leaders, your company, and your bottom line.