Empowering Subject Matter Experts, Creating Efficiencies

With 1,300 employees in 44 states, Cardon Outreach is a leading national provider of revenue cycle management services. The company has been in business for more than 20 years, delivering health-care finance solutions to more than 650 hospitals through their integrated-service lines, single-technology platform, and patient-centered advocacy.




To reduce the financial burden of medical bills on Americans and on the health-care providers who serve them. To make a positive difference to thousands of people and hundreds of hospitals and clinics, in communities all over the nation, every day.


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Cardon Outreach, a MedData company, was on a mission to bring standardized, consistent training solutions to its geographically dispersed workforce. Stephen Evans, Director of Training and Development, was tasked with implementing these solutions in a timely manner while staying up to date on the organization’s ever-changing needs.

Evans’ team was using an LMS they’d inherited and with which they were extremely unhappy. As the end of their contract with this LMS grew near, they began researching alternatives online. Evans says they wanted an LMS that was “modern, powerfully simple, and easy to use, from a learner’s perspective as well as an administrator's.” They also had a few features in mind, including:

  • Intuitive course-authoring tools
  • Simple reporting tools
  • Simple content delivery
  • A responsive platform

Cardon Outreach demoed several learning management systems, but all signs pointed to Bridge. “A course authoring tool was extremely important to us,” says Evans. “We utilize a subject-matter-expert (SME) model of training delivery, meaning we rely heavily on SMEs to create and deliver training materials. Bridge offered the most convenient and easy-to-use authoring solution for our SMEs.” The administrative and reporting tools also resonated with Cardon Outreach’s “powerfully simple” mantra, and the pricetag agreed with the organization’s training and development budget.

“Bridge allows us to leverage the expertise of our SMEs to create, deliver, and revise simple yet powerful training materials much more efficiently than we have ever been able to do in the past.”

Director of Training and Development, Cardon Outreach


Cardon Outreach began implementing Bridge in April of 2016. Several of the organization’s SMEs were able to come to the Bridge office for hands-on training, and Evans reports that “implementation has been fabulous. This isn’t the first LMS I’ve worked on, and this has been by far the easiest implementation I’ve experienced. The Bridge team has been a great support.”

While Bridge is still fairly new to Cardon Outreach, several benefits have already presented themselves. For one, prior to Bridge, Evans and two instructional designers were creating all the courses required to train 1,300 employees. The courses covered everything from state-specific operating guidelines and insurance basics to internal processes and proprietary software to customer service skills and HR compliance. Thanks to Bridge’s easy course authoring, 15+ SMEs are now able to create and distribute courses, freeing up tons of time for Evans to focus on other areas, including overall learning-experience improvement, career development, knowledge management, and social collaboration.

Evans has also found that course creators are able to develop and deliver training much more quickly, which reduces the project backlog significantly. Cardon Outreach is on track to save hundreds of hours a year on course development. They also anticipate saving time on administrative issues such as password resets—for basic compliance training, Evans was previously spending about half of his work week just trying to get people into the system. In terms of system costs alone, Cardon Outreach anticipates saving approximately $30K over the next three years.

Other clear benefits are the reporting efficiencies and clear, digestible dashboard. “It used to take hours to get data out of our previous system. Now I can get that same data instantaneously,” Evans says. He’s also hopeful that the platform will help reduce turnover—more training materials mean more employees have the tools to succeed, and managers can now create simple, quick assessments and send them out to employees to gauge information retention. Additionally, Evans predicts that the organization’s training approach will shift to a more mobile-friendly environment. Cardon Outreach is already focusing on simple training approaches such as three- to four-minute videos supplemented with text and images, and Bridge’s device-agnostic platform will ensure that employees have access to learning materials whenever they need them, wherever they are.