3 Ways to Win at Online Course Design

So you’ve stockpiled a ton of great content, but you’re not sure where to start when it comes to shaping that content into an engaging course for employee training. These three tips will set you on the right path.

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Video Is Supreme Overlord

Research overwhelmingly shows that learners prefer video to other e-learning mediums. Keep your videos between two and four minutes long. (Whoever said overlords can’t be short? It’s time to challenge traditional standards of overlord beauty.)

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Images Keep Things Interesting

Adding relevant images can break text into more manageable, memorable chunks and can help create an emotional response. On a related note, don’t overwhelm your learners with too much text. Like this sentence, for example, which isn’t necessary at all.

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Short Courses Are Smart Courses

Delivering training in smaller segments makes e-learning more digestible and keeps learners from burning out. (It prevents course authors from burning out, too.) Pro tip: Online training should be short enough for employees to complete during a coffee break.

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Published August 2016 by Instructure, Inc.
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