3 pieces of talent data you aren’t tracking

(but really need to)


How can you drive improvement and identify red flags before they become five-alarm fires?

Keep close tabs on these 3 tidbits of talent data:

#1: Peer assessments

Yes, what other people think matters

Thumbs up

Is your team underperforming or excelling in key job skills? Peers are your eyes and ears, and can provide valuable insight into what’s really going on with your team. Empower them to conduct peer assessments so you’ll know exactly where workers stand (and where they need a little support).

Learner Performance feature

#2: 1:1 Frequency

More is more when it comes to employee check-ins

No more annual reviews

So much happens between annual reviews, so it’s no surprise more companies are using monthly check-ins instead — and reaping the rewards of a more engaged workforce. A human capital management solution like Bridge Perform makes it easy for managers and leaders to better manage their monthly or weekly 1:1s, so meetings (and morale) don’t slip.

Goal performance feature

#3: Link between employee and company goals:

Connect the dots, for the win

Blue heads

Successful organizations not only align individual performance goals to the company mission, they make it easy for employees and managers to see the big picture. Regularly show (and tell) workers how their efforts impact the overall success and vision of the company.

Timeline feature

Make talent easier to manage by tracking (and reacting to) the metrics that really matter — like all the above and then some.