Case Study

Personalizing Critical Safety & Compliance Training

Cashman Equipment turned automated training into engaging learning for its rapidly growing employee base.

Cashman Equipment's Challenge:

In a heavily compliance-driven industry, it’s critical to ensure that learning is timely, relevant and isn’t a barrier to getting work done. Especially for employees and learners who have to take safety courses and programs that require evidence-based certifications. With regulations that dedicate much of the content and cadence, it’s critical for many Training teams to ensure that their employees are compliant and understand new rules, as they apply to their industry and role. The Training team at Cashman Equipment was faced with having to create engaging, blended learning programs targeting leadership, customer service, safety and compliance to support over 800 employees spanning the entire state of Nevada. They needed a scalable solution, like Bridge Learn, that would allow for flexible content authoring that provided real-time granular data regarding learning engagement. 

The Objective

“At Cashman, it’s really about working hard, being innovative, and doing what’s best for the business. The opportunities are there and if you are willing to learn, to work hard, then you can achieve it,” says Marla Cormier, Training Supervisor for Cashman Equipment. With that global approach to employee development in mind, the Training team wanted to replace their legacy system with a solution that would help them create a learning experience where employees could easily access the information they needed without having to overcome barriers related to technology or daily work routines. “The main challenges we faced was the inability to effectively manage recurrence trainings related to safety and compliance for our teams who visit and work on mine sites - those are critical certifications in live classes that have to be taken annually. Beyond that we also have hybrid courses, including online classes. We have a blended approach to learning and we needed solution that would enable the flexibility both on our side in creating, publishing and sharing content but also for our employees to enroll or reschedule courses - simply from a calendar. Also, for managers to have access to reporting at a high-level with the ability to drill-down to a granular level, if they wanted to. It used to take my team, ten or more hours a month to pull down data from our legacy system, clean it up and send it out to the managers.  That was not a long-term sustainable solution, “ remarked Cormier. As the Training team at Cashman Equipment began looking for a replacement, their needs analysis and requirements expanded to include email notifications for upcoming courses and certifications; and one-click access that would take them directly to their training so they no longer needed to search for courses in a course catalog.  

Cashman Equipment's Approach

“Although as an industry we aren’t always at the forefront of learning technology, Cashman Equipment is thoroughly invested in creating the right solution for our employees. We want to ensure that the right notifications are enabled and reminding people about critical classes so they take those classes and keep their certifications current. Where previously learners didn’t receive reminders, the ability for that component to be automated with little to no administration from our end saves a tremendous amount of time,” remarked Cormier about the immediate benefits that Learn has provided the Training team. Additionally, the time and effort that was previously dedicated to maintaining and resolving technical helpdesk tickets have now been transferred to creating new courses, content, and training programs. With Learn’s native in-app authoring tool, the Training team plans to democratize the option of creating learning programs to other subject matter experts (SMEs) within the organization. To strategically empower managers across business functions to leverage learner engagement data so they better guide their teams to required and optional learning opportunities, Cormier foresees long-term benefits that can be manifested across the organization in terms of elevating learning to a new level, including:

  • Introducing evidence-based training through Checkpoints in programs
  • Piloting wellness programs that would allow the Benefits administrator to create, share, and manage annual health checks
  • Creating leadership sharing programs, allowing leaders throughout the organization to create and publish thought-leadership courses   


“The Bridge Customer Success team have really taken on a partnership role with us from the very beginning. From the first request of a sandbox environment when we wanted to try out what Bridge had to offer - they provided us with a complete sandbox with little restriction so we could really experience the full feature set but also they provided some best practice guidance, based on understanding where we wanted to be as an organization. They have been invested in our success and I feel like they are invested in my personal success.” 

How Cashman Equipment Measures Success

  • Increased velocity and flexibility - Enabling blended learning was a baseline requirement for the Training team at Cashman Equipment. In order to fulfill the requirements of completing live and online trainings, with the attached certifications, Learn provided Cormier and the Training team with the ideal solution to not only create targeted learning paths for specific teams but it also allowed the team to create programs with a blend of different formats. As the Training team imported over 300 courses and videos from their legacy solution, in addition to constantly creating new content, they had ensure that learners could engage with various formats and levels of learning.   
    • Significant impact to daily productivity based on Safety Trainer’s ability to create engaging content to train operators on new equipment used in the yard through native authoring tool in less than an hour.
    • Positive influence on workflow for Training team’s ability to curate and publish relevant content, within minutes, extending overall bandwidth to focus on creating strategic learning experiences for employees and leadership       
  • Real-time visibility into engagement - The ability to gain real-time access to leaner data is critical when it comes to ensuring that they are taking and completing courses on safety. Access to this type of data, in the timeframe that Learn provides, is crucial not only to the business as a whole but also to the safety of the individual. Additionally, learning data provides the organization with strategic insights to create roadmaps for future planning.  
    • 93% increase in completion of compliance and safety training by leveraging built-in email notification capabilities, targeting past due learners  
    • Improved tracking and reporting on attendance and receipt of certification documents for annual safety trainings, ensuring employee compliance.
  • Self-directed learning and knowledge base - Learning at Cashman Equipment is much more than compliance and safety-driven - it's also about growing and developing skills. “We want learning that people want to do, instead of have to do.” With that in mind, Cormier and the Training team imported over 300 courses and videos from their legacy system. To make those courses easily accessible, relevant and manageable; instead of creating catalogs as they had to do with their other system, which required an inordinate amount of manual maintenance, by leveraging Learn’s tagging process Cormier and her team can easily update and provide relevant optional learning to employees. From courses and videos on topics from leadership and communication to technical courses on how to use Excel and Outlook and much more, the e-learning modules available in Learn have created a learning destination for employees.   


To learn more about how Cashman Equipment is preparing today’s safety and compliance learning and development champions to respond with technology-first, impactful blended learning with Bridge Learn, contact us at [email protected] or 877.576.5364.