Case Study

The Delta Companies’ redefines its approach to training and compliance programs

Contextual, relevant content provides employees with learning that cements tremendous adoption rates

The Use Case

New hire and compliance training has had the unwarranted reputation of being boring, messy, arduous, and overcomplicated. Could it be the over packaged, dreary content? Or perhaps it's the generic, “one size must fit all” approach of learning for all employees? Or should the blame lie squarely on archaic systems designed to “churn and burn” through courses without regard for the end user or their need for engaging content? For compliance-heavy industries where organizations are mandated to follow strict protocols when it comes to ensuring employees have completed compliance programs, it’s imperative to find solutions to support:

  • The anytime, anywhere user access to engaging digital resources rich in role-based context
  • Curation of relevant and specific compliance topics that affect the way employees think about and do their jobs, instead of leveraging off-the-shelf content  
  • The effortless maintenance of programs and courses, based on the rapid update of the change in regulations and policies

The Objective

“We wanted to follow a very strategic on-boarding timeline while we merged in the on-demand content to ensure that our employees were able to take advantage of our robust library, so learning was made available post on-boarding through Bridge,” says Stacy Napoles, Director of Coaching and Development. Additionally, the team at The Delta Companies wanted to ensure that anytime, anywhere learning became an integral part of the program. No longer will the working hours limit the staff on their training needs. With Bridge, they can access their training at a time that suits them and that makes it far more likely to be retained and used because it’s acquired at the point-of-need. “With the anytime, anywhere choice of classes, courses, and programs, our employees can choose to take them on their phones, tablets, or laptops. We really leave it up to them on how and when they need to access the learning,” adds Dr. Tanya Ruhlander, Training and Development Specialist. 


“We are an extremely learning heavy organization. Over the past four to five years, we have experienced accelerated growth and to support several hundred internal and external employees and 350 contractors, you can imagine that is a tremendous task. We were often taking subject matter experts away from their desks to teach classes which was a large burden on resources. Imagine we were running hundreds of hours of live classes a year!” mentions Dr. Ruhlander. Bridge provided a solution their team needed to better streamline the way training and development was dispersed throughout the workforce. “The entire process, of how we managed our learning was completely manual. In order to grow our team, we needed to find an automated solution like Bridge” adds Napoles. Many organizations find it difficult to monitor the performance of their training for a number of reasons, from manual record-keeping to limited accessibility and content engagement of their learning and development solution. In order to understand the immediate impact of learning, it’s essential to understand (and track) foundational metrics, such as:  

  • Engagement rates
  • Retention performance
  • User access records
  • Automated assessment results
  • Device usage

The Delta Companies’ Approach

Block-over-block of text is mundane. It rarely encourages excitement, let alone retention. Unless it’s a book or an article that the learner has chosen to read, who wants to spend an hour (maybe more!) reading a block of text? Especially in today’s bite-sized, nano-information delivered world, it’s hard to keep someone’s attention for more than the length of a movie trailer. Furthermore, the human brain is designed to process and retain information as visual snippets rather than text or audio. The Coaching and Development team at The Delta Companies were able to curate engaging content in Bridge using different formats, including video and images. This allowed them to create courses that provided engagement opportunities without losing their ability to transfer knowledge from their internal subject matter experts. 

How The Delta Companies Measures Success

Accessible, engaging content enhances performance - “We were, and continue to be, very diligent and strategic on the content that we place in Bridge. We have a strategy on what should live in Bridge, which format should be used, and how it should be delivered.  The right classes should be delivered in the right format if we expect success. Additionally, with Bridge we have a level of searchability that we did not have prior and that makes a huge difference to our end users. If they are able to find the right content to help them learn it allows them to continue to stay engaged in their continued success,” says Napoles.  

  • 94% completion rate for required courses - all time
  • 96% completion rate for required courses - past 90 days 


Curating relevant, “just in time” content -  “We have received feedback from our employees that the content they receive through Bridge during their on-boarding has been easy to consume and it provides them with the information they need to better perform at their jobs. This role-based, relevant content helps them engage at a much higher level so their time to contribution is potentially reduced. Because their experience is positive their propensity to engage with Bridge is much more likely than it would be otherwise which I think contributes to our high adoption, usage and course completion rates. The “just in time” relevancy of the content is curated from subject matter experts, whose knowledge and time we are better able to utilize now since we can access engaging content in Bridge,” explains Dr. Ruhlander of her team’s ability to optimize existing resources to provide an elevated learning experience for employees at The Delta Companies.   

  • 4,298 enrollments in courses in Bridge over 19 months, 4,033 courses completed 
  • 96% completion rate of natively (in-app) created courses 


Continued expansion of learning opportunities - As the Coaching and Development team at The Delta Companies moves forward with growth and new training programs, Bridge can provide insightful reporting on individual engagement and this allows them to formulate strategic extensions of additional curriculums. These trainings may include leadership learning pathways, compliance programs, and many more.  



To learn more about how The Delta Companies is providing impactful learning and development with Bridge Learn, contact us at  [email protected] or 877.576.5364.