Case Study

Creating a Competitive Advantage With a Culture of Learning

Movement Mortgage surmounts numerous industry challenges and regulations with continuous learning.

Living in a world mandated by strict compliance and highly regulated provisions, Bronson Pasko, National Training Director for Movement Mortgage, and his team needed to reinvent the brand of learning and development. With Movement Mortgage being one of the fastest-growing purchase mortgage companies in the United States, Pasko and team knew the key to sustainable competitive advantage was creating a culture of learning.

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The Objective

The mortgage industry faces constant regulation and change. Other external factors, such as low housing supply, increasing interest rates, and steadily increasing home prices, make it increasingly difficult for purchase-money mortgage lenders to thrive.

In the midst of this volatile market, Movement Mortgage operates with an ambitious mindset: to service one of every ten home-buyers by 2025. In order to accomplish this, the training team knows it must focus on supporting its number one asset, its people, by developing a company-wide commitment to career growth and continual learning.

Movement Mortgage's Approach

The team’s primary motivation centered around creating the right experience for over 4,300 employees spanning 48 states. This included cultivating an inspired, productive workforce, with employees who were constantly learning and bettering themselves. In order to do this, the team revamped Movement Mortgage’s learning program, focusing on:

  • COMPLIANCE ACROSS GENERATIONS, WITHOUT THE HEADACHE   Before the team revolutionized the learning environment by introducing Bridge, many employees had had a negative experience with the legacy, compliance-centric LMS. While the need for compliance would never go away, Pasko and team wanted to dovetail a new compliance experience into developing a learning culture. In order to accomplish this, they had to find a solution that delivered training in a way that clearly worked for employees (not administrators) from a variety of generations (baby boomers, Gen Xers, and millennials). 
  • DEVELOPING A LEARNING CULTURE   Movement Mortgage grew so fast that it was almost impossible to keep up with ongoing training demands. Prior to Pasko and his team redesigning the training program, most employees and their leaders thought training ended after on-boarding. But the new program changed that perception (by example, rather than force). By expanding its training offerings to include management and leadership training, the company started implementing paths for growth and development. Options for training increased exponentially for employees, helping them improve in their current roles while developing skills to grow into new leadership roles.
  • SUPPORTING MANY GROUPS TO HELP INCREASE ADOPTION   Due to the quality of content and high level of service, it wasn’t long before word got out to the rest of the satellite offices, and Pasko and his team began to get requests for content from managers and leaders for specific training for their states and divisions. While operational and compliance training were the highest priority, the team was pleasantly surprised at how many groups proactively reached out requesting help on creating content for their specific training needs. To manage this influx of requests, Pasko and team allowed local SMEs to author their own content with the native authoring tool in Bridge—which helped increase knowledge transfer in the business.

How Movement Mortgage Measures Success

 For Movement Mortgage, success takes many forms:

  • In addition to traditional monthly compliance reporting requested by the executive and leadership team, Pasko and team tie optional learning to more strategic objectives. For example, they’re developing a framework to tie optional learning to successful producers, managers, and leaders so Movement Mortgage can replicate these learning pathways for other employees.
  • Pasko and his team not only helped usher in a learning-culture mentality, but they also gathered evidence that the learning-culture concept was taking root at Movement Mortgage. Because of their efforts, employees started optionally taking courses at an impressive rate: 13% of all courses taken at Movement Mortgage were optional, employee-driven learning. Employees completed their optional learning 2.3x faster than required enrollments benchmarks, indicating their hunger for learning.
  • Because Pasko and his team have made such a positive impact on ongoing training, more managers and leaders can focus their efforts on their work and leave the development of learning curriculum to Pasko and his team.
  • With rapid growth, maintaining the progressive, employee-centric culture at Movement Mortgage has been a challenge. But because of the way they can capture knowledge, provide ongoing training, and understand how their employees are learning through reporting, the L&D team can actively help promote the core culture and values of Movement Mortgage.


To learn more about how Movement Mortgage is helping to usher today’s learning-first culture champions to respond with technology and impactful blended learning with Bridge Learn, contact us at [email protected] or 877.576.5364.