Case Study

Clear and Concise: Digital Learning for End User Success

How the training and support team at Configura enables impactful learning for customers.

The Objective

“Our user base is around 10,000 people, but throughout the year, we train about 1,500 end users within the companies that use our software,” says Kelsey Debruin, Training and Support Development Manager at Configura. She continued, “Although the training is optional, we want to make sure our users are able to complete their goals in the most productive and efficient way possible. Without training, they won't know all the ins and outs.” With that in mind, Ms. Debruin set out to find the best way to provide a great training experience for Configura’s customers.

Configura’s Approach

Ms. Debruin operates under a clear strategy based on the experience she wants to provide for customers: “Our goal is to provide the most beneficial training we can in the shortest amount of time. We have to be conscious of our end users as they are extremely busy people. Carving out time to take these trainings can be dicult for them. Our goal is always to create the most eective and ecient training that we can.”

Ms. Debruin creates efficient and effective training by:

  • Kickstarting learning with pre-work: Prework is an important part of the training strategy at Configura, but it used to get in the way of learning. With Bridge, Ms. Debruin was able to ensure pre-work got done and training time could be used effectively: “One of the challenges we had was that we had no way of tracking whether pre-work was completed or not. As a result, people who joined training sessions without completing the pre-work would slow the entire class down and create a poor experience for everybody else. Bridge helped us to create targeted programs where we were able to mandate pre-work. Now, everyone joins training sessions at the exact same level of competence so we don't waste time getting people up to speed.”
  • Offering a quality, interactive digital learning experience: Ms. Debruin does a number of things to oer a great customer experience. “Our software has small buttons in different areas. So being able to upload videos at the highest quality is really helpful for videos to be nice and crisp. We also enable commenting on the videos because we want our users to know that we're there for them; if they have a question while they're watching a video, we are glad we can answer it right there, at the exact timestamp where they asked their question. We also use it to gather data on interactions and inquiries from each video.”
  • Providing value by streamlining processes: For the Training and Support team at Configura, streamlining the training curriculum directly impacts the team’s ability to it, provide value from its trainings. As Ms. Debruin puts “The biggest value is streamlining our training process. Bridge lays out objectives, goals, and targeted learning in a clear, concise path, so it’s obvious what you need to be doing when you go into a Bridge program; it's not like ‘Oh, what steps should I be doing next?’ It's clear. Because we’re focused on creating an experience to train our customers as efficiently and effectively as possible, the way Bridge helps us create streamlined training pathways is incredibly valuable.”

How Configura Measures Success

The training program at Configura is an important part of their business strategy, and Configura measures success and plans for the future in two key ways:

  1. POSITIVE CUSTOMER FEEDBACK: Ms. Debruin is constantly working to ensure the best possible experience for end users, and the results after implementing Bridge have been positive: “The responses [from our] end users have been good. We haven't heard any complaints. When people have complaints, they come out quickly because our end users are pretty vocal, so if it was a bad experience or something wasn’t working, we would know.”
  2. POTENTIAL EXPANSION OF TRAINING STRATEGY: Ms. Debruin’s training programs are running so smoothly, Configura is looking at using Bridge for internal training for its employees as well: “Bridge has been such a helpful tool that the internal training teams are starting to look at using Bridge for an onboarding process and keeping employees trained within the company, especially for the sales and account management teams. We started by using Bridge just for this one tiny portion (to train our customers), but we're now realizing, ‘Of course, Bridge can be used for internal training purposes.’” “We use Bridge, and that's the only thing we use,” said Ms. Debruin. “Since we’ve launched Bridge, there’s no question, it’s just what we use now. It’s doing what it's supposed to do, and it's definitely working better [than what we had previously].”