Case Study

Agile Transformation Management: Simplified Employee Experience

How Transforming the Digital Journey Affects Growth and Development

The People and Culture team at Real Estate Institute of Western Australia (REIWA), improves the employee development programs to better enable their teams with future-ready skills through complete, transparent corporate alignment.

The Objective

Transforming the employee experience from the traditional passive, structured, task-oriented activity to an experience that is goal-oriented and future-ready requires intentional, strategic design. Employing the flexibility of the Bridge Employee Development platform, REIWA is creating an employee-first framework to effectively deliver on:

  • Effective future-ready performance review program: Facilitating valuable employee-manager connections so performance reviews align to personal and corporate objectives. 
  • Actionable data-driven pathways for employee development: Surfacing insightful data to help guide the agile digital journey for better employee development and engagement.
  • Relevant, on-demand learning opportunities: Enabling learning and development that is meaningful, purpose-driven, and accommodates for impactful results because modules are plentiful and deliberate.      

Transforming the Employee Experience: REIWA’s Journey

As a member-owned organization, the Real Estate Institute of Western Australia (REIWA) represents over 1,100 agencies and more than 90% of operating real estate agents in Western Australia. The stewardship for the learning, development and engagement falls to Amanda Hardwick, EM People and Culture, who over two years ago embarked on a mission to transform the employee experience at REIWA. As a progressive, future-ready organization poised in every other facet of their operation to address the needs of their customers and employees, REIWA excelled; however, when it came to the employee experience related to performance reviews, learning, and the digital journey, Hardwick and her team had to find a solution that would enable a centralized, one-stop shop for all content, engagement, and development options for their employees and agents. 


While other providers offered over-engineered models, Bridge allowed the REIWA team to leverage their needs without requiring a rigid framework “Bridge caught my eye because of the simplicity of the user interface and the fact that we were on a very flexible approach to performance reviews. I was looking for something that that could really marry up with the way that I envisioned REIWA managing reviews inside our organization.”        



  • Designing end-to-end experiences impacting outcomes: “We are on a digital transformation journey where we are becoming more and more of a technology company than we a membership and advocacy organization. From my perspective, it's really about scaling for the future,” says Hardwick about how Bridge has been strategically implemented to fit into the design of REIWA’s vision of the future. 
  • Focusing on connections, not roadblocks : “It's a really positive change for us internally. What Bridge allows is an accessible point to capture conversations, whether formal or more informal, so when the time comes to have those conversations the points of reference have been documented and can be easily referenced.  As a manager I don’t have to worry about pulling out the template from months ago as a recap. Through Bridge, you can add and document everything on-the-fly or when you complete a goal. It just becomes something that’s an everyday practice.” 



  • Creating accessible perspective into the organization: “As we begin our journey, what I can say is that I have successfully been able to capture all of our execs’ and their team goals and align those to our organizational goals. Eventually, as we get further into our use, we will hope to be able to see that link through from our teams’ purpose and story to what we're trying to achieve as an organization.”
  • Nurturing an employee development mindset: “Through LinkedIn Learning, for example, we’re able to provide 7,000 - 8,000 courses. It's amazing. Because we haven't had an LMS before, learning and development has always been about going on an external course. Now everyone has access to content and can spend time - even 15 minutes - learning something new or reinforcing an existing skill. With microlearning, whether that’s 10-15-20 minutes, employees now can access learning on-the-go.” 

Impact & Feedback: Tracking Success

As REIWA starts their journey in digitally transforming their employees’ experience in growth, development and purpose-driven engagement, Hardwick and the team anticipates leverages Bridge in numerous ways: 



  • Building an organization-wide culture of growth: “Bridge highlights the importance to our staff that we do take training and development seriously. That's why we want to be able to serve them the content they need it, when they need it.” 


  • Removing barriers for managers to connect with their teams: “We are supporting seven business units across the organization and some more formal engagements and others, not so much.  Regardless, Bridge removed the manual overhead to manage those reviews. Previously, we were missing information, it required quite a bit of dedicated manual management and often, there was missing data. With Bridge, we anticipate strong adoption through this program because we are removing quite a lot of the manual overhead.” 


  • Data that highlights opportunities for improvement: “Although a bit early to definitively comment, however, I'm really positive that there's going to be a lot of data that helps me to understand if, for example, we might need to refocus people strategy in a specific group, or if an approach is becoming an issue for us somewhere else or if we’re misaligned elsewhere, etc.”


  • Challenging existing skills for future-ready growth: “For us, it’s particularly important to as we start to look at roles that are changing at REIWA.  We need to evaluate what those roles mean, how they impact and drive better outcomes for the business. Future-ready learning and development across the organization is just bridging the gap between where we are now and where we want to be in the next year to two years.”

Make sure to check back often as we update REIWA’s story with new employee highlights and data points of success as they continue on their journey of transformation!


To learn more about how REIWA is leveraging the Bridge Employee Development platform, please contact us at [email protected] or 877.576.5364.