What Is SCORM?

A Brief History of SCORM
When it comes to online training, the tools you use to develop and publish content can determine whether your online training program is effective and efficient. One way companies and organizations can improve online training, or e-learning, is to seek out a SCORM-compliant learning management system (LMS). SCORM, which stands for Shareable Content Object Reference Model, is a set of technical standards developed in the late 90s by the U.S. government's research group Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL). At the time, the government had no standardized solution for training staff across its various departments. As a result, content was being duplicated and information was difficult to locate—simply put, their system for online training was messy. So the United States Department of Defense (DoD) formed the ADL group to create a solution. SCORM was soon developed and e-learning changed for the better.
How Does SCORM Work?
ADL defines SCORM as "a collection and harmonization of specifications and standards that defines the interrelationship of content objects, data models, and protocols such that objects are shareable across systems that conform to the same model. This specification promotes reusability and interoperability of learning content across learning management systems." In simpler terms, SCORM allows you to reuse and upload content to various SCORM-compliant software systems without requiring that you make edits or modifications. It also governs data exchange, in which it provides important data regarding user-interaction to your LMS; this could include anything from user scores to whether or not users have accessed the content.
Why Should You Use SCORM?
SCORM-compliant software saves you time by allowing you to reuse content and improves the effectiveness of your training by providing user data. With a SCORM LMS, you'll know when staff members have completed courses and areas in which employees could improve. Insights like these are essential when authoring new and engaging content, as they help you develop on overall improved online training experience for learners.
Bridge and SCORM
The Bridge LMS was built from the ground up to be SCORM compliant. Bridge is designed to be the one learning management platform you can use to deliver all your employee training—whether authored in house or purchased off the shelf from a subject matter expert. Bridge is compliant with all working versions of SCORM, including AICC, SCORM 1.2, all 2004 editions, and IMS LTI, and can present any content package that meets this standard.
Simply upload your SCORM zip file and your course will be created in Bridge. You can then enroll learners and track completion and scores. Learners will see the SCORM course in their list of courses to complete. If your learners leave before completing their course, Bridge will remember where they left and return them to that point. Once completed, the courses will be marked complete and scored. You'll quickly be on your way to delivering world class training on whatever topic your employees need to succeed!