M-learning: Taking E-learning Mobile

It wasn't too long ago that workplace training involved primarily face-to-face, classroom-based learning. A lot has changed since those days, however. Today, with rapid advances in technology, e-learning has quickly become the new norm. E-learning was developed to adapt to our growing online presence. But as that online presence itself starts to shift to mobile, online learning is keeping up – in the form of what’s being called m-learning.
Like e-learning, m-learning materials can be accessed online through various electronic devices. Mobile training, however, is designed specifically for users who are on the go and not tied to a single personal computer. As mobile devices become the dominant way in which we access the web, m-learning will start to play a more important role in the online learning sphere. M-learning isn't necessarily going to replace e-learning, as some material may be too complex for a mobile platform. Instead, it is likely to supplement e-learning. By making online training available on different platforms, you can appeal to a wider variety of learning styles and techniques. This helps ensure learners are getting the full training experience. With the right learning management system (LMS), it’s easy to offer training on phones, tablets, laptops, Macs and PCs, through any web browser, all using the same system.
If you are already using an LMS that enables mobile e-learning, then the material you offer can be accessed by learners any time and on any device. An LMS that is not designed for phone or tablet use, however, limits how and where a user can learn (and ultimately, its effectiveness). Using a flexible, versatile, and adaptive LMS opens the user up to a world of learning opportunities.
Bridge is that LMS. Bridge courses can be accessed on smartphones, computers, or tablets, and it ensures a smooth experience on any device. Take your e-learning mobile by requesting an LMS demo of Bridge today. A simple LMS designed to meet your current needs helps you maximize training efforts and develop an exceptional team.