E-training in the Finance Setting

Regulatory compliance, privacy, and control are familiar to all who work in the financial industry. Regulations in this industry change rapidly and can often be difficult to keep up with. Keeping up with these changes requires constantly re-training staff. E-learning can provide a significant advantage over older training methods in achieving this level of continuous training.
Benefits of using e-training in the finance setting
Privacy and control: Financial institutions have important internal procedures and confidential materials that need to stay within the company. A learning management system (LMS), which can host company training content all in one place, helps keep these materials safe with access given only to certain employees. Management can supervise employee enrollment, and designate which courses are delivered to specific workers. IT departments will easily be able to manage training materials and keep everything secure, while management can audit compliance and security.
Keeping up to date: As one of the most dynamic industries, the finance sector provides unique challenges when it comes to training your employees. Not only do regulations change regularly, but rule and law changes can be dense, and difficult to implement, let alone ensure adequate employee comprehension. These changes in standards mean you will need to quickly update company training materials. Web-based e-learning and simplified course authoring allow managers to keep up with the rate of industry development. Specialized instructors and printed learning materials don’t have the flexibility or low costs that e-learning offers.
Tips for e-training for a compliance culture
• Focus on employees’ career path: Professionals join respected institutions to learn and grow, and value a culture that embraces continuing education. By helping employees see how each e-training course will benefit their careers, companies can build a motivated and loyal workforce.
• Make it easy to follow: The learner’s perception shapes his or her e-training experience. Training programs are successful when they are easy to follow, interactive and relevant. Keep training segments short when possible, and allow learners to split up the training process to better fit individual users’ schedules.
• Quiz employees to keep them sharp: Keep employees focused and ready for compliance tests by utilizing interactive quizzes. With real-time reports to show management how well employees are doing, it’s easy to track progress and give extra support where needed.
A high-powered LMS makes e-training in the finance industry easier and more accessible than ever. Bridge offers important tools, like content creator, multimedia importer, easy assessment builders, and third-party content integration, all right at your fingertips. Maximize the benefits of online training and keep employees engaged, happy, and knowledgeable.