How to Design Sales Training for Employees

With so many new and different training products emerging each day, sales training is a challenge for HR and Training Managers everywhere. Sales people are often on the go, so training them all in one place is becoming less and less of an option. But training is important. It takes a knowledgeable salesperson to close a deal. The solution? E-learning. E-learning offers the flexibility, interaction, consistency, and quality needed to successfully train sales employees. Here are some best practices to help you get started:
It’s all about video
A popular choice for any type of training, video is everything when it comes to sales training. You don’t need a fancy studio or any special knowledge to create quality training videos. You simply need to be comfortable using a camera or screen-capture tool, adding voiceover and exporting it to your training platform.
Keep it short
Being brief also applies to the rest of your e-training content. All content should be delivered in short chunks. Even if your course is four hours long, breaking it up into snack-sized pieces will help your employees consume the content on their own time without feeling rushed or drained.
Make it fun
There’s no reason why you can’t add a little glitz and glamour to your sales training content. Of course you want your employees to pay attention, so why not keep them entertained? When you make videos, have fun with it. Interview your subject matter experts like it’s a talk show, edit into short blocks and publish for your employees.
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