4 Things to Focus on When Developing Online Courses for Sales Training

While training is important in any line of work, it is especially critical for sales employees. Since products are constantly being changed and updated, salespeople need to always remain aware of what’s going on within a company. The quickest way to do this is through e-learning. Keep these tips in mind when developing online courses for sales training.
Use e-learning to educate
For salespeople, as well as the rest of us, knowledge is power. Knowing the product inside and out gives them the confidence they need when selling, especially to new prospects. Adequate training allows them to identify specific client needs and understand the product well enough to position it as the perfect solution. E-learning provides a great opportunity for sales employees to brush up on their knowledge both in the office and on the go.
Leave room for practice
Sales training is just as much about knowledge as it is about skill. You want to make sure your employees are able to apply what they learn in training to their actual work, so whatever you do during sales training should have an element of practice included. Your salespeople should be able to demonstrate the selling techniques they learned before completing the training process.
Reward achievements
Salespeople are motivated by goals, even more so than other employees, which makes a rewards-based training program an excellent option. But don’t simply generalize your salespeople’s successes. Be specific. Tell them why and how they’re doing a good job. Doing this makes the rewards more meaningful and tangible.
Keep it simple
Salespeople are busy and constantly on the go. Because of this, e-learning will be most successful when it is short, sweet and easily consumed. Thin, single-concept bites are the best way to deliver information to adults. Shorter content also adds flexibility to your training program. You can choose to use it during a meeting or let employees learn on their own time.