3 Key Characteristics That Motivate Your Workforce


What do you want most for your employees? What do your employees want out of work?  Likely the answer to both these questions is to be happy, engaged and motivated.

1. Autonomy


Harvard Business Publishing’s 2018 State of Leadership Development report shows that millennials are accustomed to choice and more autonomy. They also know their technology and expect it to be “a natural extension of development programs.” Also, a clear sense of purpose and collaborating drives engagement and employee motivation.

Autonomy drives productivity. With autonomy, you’re empowering employees to want to do more, achieve more and stick around longer than they would otherwise.


2. Mastery

Providing employees with a foundation to learn & master new skills is crucial to keeping them engaged & motivated. Employees are eager to develop new skills. That's why equipping them with mobile-friendly, powerful learning & development tools is important to your organization's growth and success.


3.  Purpose

Employees who are able to connect to a deeper purpose are more motivated. Purpose can be as simple as providing training outside of job duties or having regular team-building activities. To provide more engaging learning opportunities, employers might consider encouraging embracing trial and error— and iterating “quickly in a safe environment.” Creating a culture of learning that includes immediate feedback, micro-reflections, and self-awareness can help employees develop their leadership skills.

purpose driven learning

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