Skills Assessment

How valuable is peer assessment? The goal is to get other data points to gather a clearer picture of how an employee is actually performing, and then creating the opportunity for employee growth. It’s important to not only see what the manager may think, but what other peers have to say. Skills assessments also helps managers to quickly identify training gaps and growth opportunities on a team level.

Assessments Based on Job Role

Assessments are based on the employee’s specific role and related competencies, and managers have the ability to add/remove skills from job titles, so peers aren’t asked to give feedback on irrelevant skills, providing more accurate insight into performance.

Increased Accuracy

Increase the accuracy of performance and skills ratings with the ability to assigning multiple people to give assessments. The more peers that assess, the more accurate view of skills and performance.

See Individual or Team

Managers and admins have the ability to see skills competency at the individual level, or see skills gaps/proficiency for a whole team or unit in one view.

Coaching & Mentoring Opportunities

Managers can easily identify individuals who are proficient in certain skills and assign them coaches/mentors to those who need improvement, making your team stronger and more cohesive over time.


Employees have the ability to rate their peers in skills, driving recognition and positive culture.

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