Robust Reporting

What makes reporting robust? We can answer that with some questions of our own. Is it easy to read and digest? Is the reporting actionable? Does it help you be more responsive, more quickly? Is it measurable and, if so, is it measuring the right things? Bridge makes sure to answer all those questions (and more) with a resounding, robust “yes.”

Simple Dashboards

Bridge’s dashboard is easy to read and digest. It provides both high level, at-a-glance statistics and deeper-dive detailed reports. The dashboard keeps it simple, so you can focus on learning.

Roles and Permissions

Use default roles with associated access permissions, or modify permissions to fit your organization's needs. You can also create custom roles to ensure that individuals have the appropriate levels of access in Bridge.

Performance Reports

Our unique performance reports allow you to view dashboards around employee performance data for:

  • 1:1 frequency
  • Goal alignment
  • Skills gap
  • Team coverage
Course Reports

What’s the point of reporting if you can’t do anything about it? Bridge’s course reports are built for action and help managers be more proactive in identifying opportunities for learning and development. Get key insights into average scores, distribution of scores, pass rates, who still needs to take the test, and more.

Centralized Reports

Review details around sign-ins, completions, and overdue courses—when and how many people sign in, how long people spend in your course, how effective the course is, and more. Share information with the higher-ups in your organization to provide perspective and learning.

Survey Results

Measure all sorts of things—the overall competency of your team, engagement, sentiment, how well your team understands specific directions or objectives, and more. After all, what good is employee training if nobody (managers included) learns from it.

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