Performance Conversations

Let's be clear, yearly performance evaluations are ineffective and uninspiring, but fear not! Bridge enables you to hold quarterly performance conversations that create a two-way dialog between employee and manager around past quarter achievements, goal setting, skill progress, task creation, and the ability to assign learning courses that further each employees' development and engagement. With Bridge, sit back and watch as your employees take ownership in their quarterly development and engagement, and your managers become more effective mentors and people leaders.

Celebrate Recent Wins

Identify the goals you've made progress on, the skills you've been improving, and any recent achievements that should be celebrated.

Create a Plan

Identify specific goals for next quarter, including the skills you'd like to build, courses you'd like to take, and specific tasks that need to be completed in the near future.

Shared Agenda

Give both employee and manager access to the performance conversation agenda to add comments and create a dialog.

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