Manager Dashboard

All your insights as a manager will live on one page, in an easy-to-understand dashboard. Updated in real time so you can see exactly what’s happening on your team, the manager dashboard is an at at-a-glance strategy for addressing critical issues.

Sort & Search for Employees

No matter how big or small your team is, you can easily search for individual employees or sort by criteria to see what you need to, when you need to. By default, team members who need attention or have missed 1:1s will be listed first, ensuring managers time is prioritized based on need.

View 1:1 Schedule

As a manager, you meet with your team members often. With the 1:1 schedule you can stay organized and prepared, or see where there are gaps in your 1:1 cadence.

View Assessments

Because identifying MVPs is what you do best, you can quickly dive into and view employee and peer assessments.

View Teams & Direct Reports

Get the nitty gritty on how your team is performing and garner the insights you need from an intuitive, easy-to-digest tile view of your team.

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