Building online training content from scratch is no easy task. It demands time, money, and a lot of effort that might be better focused elsewhere. That’s exactly why we decided to include 20 developed LMS training courses with Bridge. Each course is customizable, so you can tailor it to your specific needs. How’s that for making your life a little easier?

Customizable Content

You’ll receive off-the-shelf LMS training courses that you can edit, so if you want to make a change here or there, it’s easy. If your state or industry has specific requirements related to one of the LMS courses, you can easily add a few slides and voila, you have a compliant course. Since the course content is customizable, you can personalize them to fit your company’s style and tone or you can even tailor them to a specific set of employees within your organization.

20 Relevant Courses

20 off-the-shelf LMS courses that cover relevant training topics, including:

  • HR
  • Compliance
  • Privacy & Security
  • Coaching
  • Safety
  • Goal Setting
  • Sales
  • Conflict Management
  • And much more
Concise and Helpful Topics

Most of the courses average 15 minutes long. Unlike other content offerings, where courses can take an hour or more, we’ve distilled topics down to the need-to-know information, so your team can get back to work.

Quality Online Training

All the online courses were created specifically for Bridge by eLearning Brothers, a content creation company that specializes in employee training courses. Select courses are included in our free trial, and you’re free to try all of the courses before you sign up.

Saves Time and Money

On average, it takes 79 hours to create one hour of e-learning, with an average cost of $10,054. We think you should keep that money and spend your time creating proprietary content that makes your business profitable. Since you’ve got the basics covered with our off-the-shelf LMS courses, you can focus your time on building the “special sauce” content that helps your employees run your business properly.

Integrate Learning Resources

With Bridge you can loop learners into, OpenSesame, or other learning resources you’ve already acquired, conveniently from one portal. When all your learning happens in one e-learning platform, you’ll have all your organizational knowledge in a centralized place. And if you’ve already paid a consultant for binders full of training material, you can still use those too. Upload your content to Bridge and save a few trees. You can also upload your current library of training and educational PPTs from SMEs.

All Features

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