Learn from your Learning

Is your employee learning effective? Are your employees actually aligned with your company's goals? How do you know? Well, Bridge provides you real data so you can answer critical questions before you formulate a plan or take action. And simple tools help you create feedback mechanisms to help you obtain valuable insights. Everybody gets smarter.


Easy-to-create surveys allow you to quickly know (and measure) how employees feel, what they need to know, and how to address their issues in real time.


The Bridge quiz tool makes creating and sending out quizzes a simple task. Create short answer quizzes to gather feedback and sentiment regarding your organization. Also, we just like the word “quizlet.”

Tracking and Reports

Get analytics about user activity and completion rates. Easily track analytics by course or quiz to understand how users score and feel. That’s right: cold, hard numbers and real emotions in the same place.


Know how employees score. Award certificates for required or optional learning so learners can prove accomplishment. (Gold star stickers not included. Yet.)

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