Goals and Tasks

Goals and Tasks help you to facilitate ongoing engagement so that employees and managers can see accomplishments on their timelines. Once an employee sets goals, they will receive reminders that help them work toward their goals. It’s just another way to help employees grow and stay focused on improving their careers. Employees want to have control over their futures, and being able to check in on their personal progress and development throughout the year is an effective way to give them more control over their career path.

Add/Complete Tasks

Managers and employees can create specific tasks surrounding performance, projects, skills, or goals.

Add/Complete Goals

Users can add goals and even align them to larger company goals. Both assigned and achieved goals will appear on the Employee Timeline.

Company Goals

Admins have the ability to set company goals, which all users can see. This allows team members to align their goals to corporate objectives, driving focus and unified goals among all users.

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